Five Mountains : the Rinzai Zen monastic institution in medieval Japan

Martin Collcutt


  • Part 1 The development of the institution: Japanese Zen pioneers and their patrons - stages of acculturation, motives of Japanese Zen pioneers, Eisai and the Kamakura Shogunate, Enni and Kujo Michiie, Shinchi and the ideal of the recluse, Dogen and his patrons
  • Chinese emigre monks and Japanese warrior-rulers - Hojo patronage, Hojo Tokiyori and Lan-ch'i Tao-lung, Hojo Tokiyori and Wu-an P'u-ning, Hojo Tokimune's patronage of Zen, Hojo Tokimune and Wu-hsuch Tsu-yuan, Hojo Sadatoki and I-shan I-ning, Hojo Takatoki's patronage of Zen, the Zen contribution to warrior culture, provincial diffusion of Zen, imperial patronage of Zen
  • the articulation of the Gozan system - Go-Daigo and Muso, reorganization of the Gozan, Go-Daigo's motives, Ashikaga patronage of Zen, Takauji and Tadayoshi, the building of Tenryuji and Ashikaga power, Ankokuji and Rishoto, Gozan, Jissatsu, and Shozan, regional distribution, centralization and control of the Gozan by the Ashikaga, the Tenka Soroku and the Inryoshoku, Zenith and the decline, the emergence of Daitokuji and Myoshinji. Part 2 The structure of the institution: The Zen monastic life and rule - the development of the rule, the problem of the Pai-chang code, the Ch'an-men regulations and the Ch'an-yuan code, introduction of the Ch'an monastic rule to Japan, the Rinsenji code, Bakufu regulation of the Gozan
  • the monasteries and its sub-temples - transmission of the ground plan, the setting, the layout, gates, the Buddha hall, the Dharma hall, the Abbot's building, the bathhouse, latrines, and washstands, the monk's hall, the reading room, the kitchen-office
  • the community - population, the abbot, the officers, acolytes, postulants and novices
  • the Zen monastic economy - Ch'an communities in China, Japan: Zen monastic domains, the Engakuji economy, the Nanzenji economy, the Daitokuji economy, management of the Zen monastic domain.

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書名 Five Mountains : the Rinzai Zen monastic institution in medieval Japan
著作者等 Collcutt, Martin
Reischauer, Edwin O.
書名別名 五山
シリーズ名 Harvard East Asian monographs
出版元 Council on East Asian Studies, Harvard University
刊行年月 1981
版表示 New ed
ページ数 xxi, 399 p.
大きさ 24 cm
ISBN 0674304985
NCID BA03237338
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言語 英語
出版国 アメリカ合衆国