Mathematical foundations of computer science 1984 : proceedings, 11th Symposium, Praha, Czechoslovakia, September 3-7, 1984

edited by M.P. Chytil and V. Koubek


  • Separating, strongly separating, and collapsing relativized complexity classes.- Complexity of quantifier elimination in the theory of algebraically closed fields.- Systolic automata - power, characterizations, nonhomogeneity.- A note on unique decipherability.- Outline of an algebraic language theory.- Thue systems and the Church-Rosser property.- Limits, higher type computability and type-free languages.- Traces, histories, graphs: Instances of a process monoid.- Recent results on automata and infinite words.- VLSI algorithms and architectures.- Decidability of monadic theories.- On the Ehrenfeucht conjecture on test sets and its dual version.- Sparse oracles, lowness, and highness.- Computability of probabilistic parameters for some classes of formal languages.- A truely morphic characterization of recursively enumerable sets.- On the Herbrand Kleene universe for nondeterministic computations.- An investigation of controls for concurrent systems by abstract control languages.- On generalized words of Thue-Morse.- Nondeterminism is essential for two-way counter machines.- Weak and strong fairness in CCS.- On the complexity of inductive inference.- Monotone edge sequences in line arrangements and applications.- Many-sorted temporal logic for multi-processes systems.- Process logics : two decidability results.- On searching of special classes of mazes and finite embedded graphs.- The power of the future perfect in program logics.- Hierarchy of reversal and zerotesting bounded multicounter machines.- On the power of alternation in finite automata.- The equivalence problem and correctness formulas for a simple class of programs.- Lower bounds for polygon simplicity testing and other problems.- A uniform independence of invariant sentences.- On the equivalence of compositions of morphisms and inverse morphisms on regular languages.- Some connections between presentability of complexity classes and the power of formal systems of reasoning.- Finding a maximum flow in /s,t/-planar network in linear expected time.- Nondeterministic logspace reductions.- Factoring multivariate polynomials over algebraic number fields.- Godel numberings, principal morphisms, combinatory algebras.- Representations of integers and language theory.- New lower bound for polyhedral membership problem with an application to linear programming.- Decidability of the equivalence problem for synchronous deterministic pushdown automata.- Models and operators for nondeterministic processes.- Algorithms for string editing which permit arbitrarily complex edit constraints.- The structure of polynomial complexity cores.- Solving visibility problems by using skeleton structures.- Another look at parameterization using algebras with subsorts.- A lower bound on complexity of branching programs.- From dynamic algebras to test algebras.- Combinatorial games with exponential space complete decision problems.- Fast recognitions of pushdown automaton and context-free languages.- Multiprocessor systems and their concurrency.- Free constructions in algebraic institutions.- Remarks on comparing expressive power of logics of programs.- The complexity of problems concerning graphs with regularities.- On the complexity of slice functions.- An exponential lower bound for one-time-only branching programs.- A topological view of some problems in complexity theory.- Propositional dynamic logic with strong loop predicate.

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書名 Mathematical foundations of computer science 1984 : proceedings, 11th Symposium, Praha, Czechoslovakia, September 3-7, 1984
著作者等 Chytil, Michal P.
Koubek, Václav
Symposium on Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science
Koubek Vaclav
Chytil M.P.
シリーズ名 Lecture notes in computer science
出版元 Springer-Verlag
刊行年月 1984
ページ数 xi, 581 p.
大きさ 25 cm
ISBN 0387133720
NCID BA01335642
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言語 英語
出版国 ドイツ