Edward Sapir : appraisals of his life and work

edited with an introduction by Konrad Koerner

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Edward Sapir (1884-1939), this volume brings together a number of papers by distinguished North American scholars appraising the life and work of the world-renowned anthropologist and linguist. It includes an introduction by the editor, a full bibliography of Sapir's scientific writings, a detailed index of names, and many photographs and fac similes. Among the contributors are: Ruth Benedict, Leonard Bloomfield, Franz Boas, Joseph Greenberg, Mary Haas, Zellig Harris, A.L. Kroeber, Robert H. Lowie, David Mandelbaum, Morris Swadesh, and C.F. Voegelin.

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  • 1. Acknowledgements, pv
  • 2. Introduction, pxi
  • 3. Part I: Obituaries and Biographical Sketches, 1939-1952
  • 4. Franz Boas (1858-1942): Edward Sapir [1939], p3
  • 5. Franklin Edgerton (1885-1963): Edward Sapir (1884-1939), p5
  • 6. Diamond Jenness (1886-1969): Edward Sapir (1884-1939), p9
  • 7. Harry Stack Sullivan (1892-1949): Edward Sapir, Ph.D., SC.D., 1884-1939, p12
  • 8. Leslie Spier (1893-1961): Edward Sapir [excerpt], p13
  • 9. Ruth Fulton Benedict (1887-1948): Edward Sapir [1939], p15
  • 10. Morris Swadesh (1909-1967): Edward Sapir [1939], p19
  • 11. David Goodman Mandelbaum (b.1911): Edward Sapir [1941], p23
  • 12. Charles Frederick Voegelin (b.1906): Edward Sapir [1952], p33
  • 13. Part II: Comments on Sapir's Work, 1919-1953
  • 14. Review of Time Perspective in Aboriginal American Culture (1916) (by Lowie, Robert Harry), p39
  • 15. Review of Language: An introduction to the study of speech (1921) (by Lowie, Robert Harry), p43
  • 16. Review of Language (1921) (by Bloomfield, Leonard), p47
  • 17. A Study of Language [excerpt] (by Kroeber, Alfred Louis), p51
  • 18. Review of Selected Writings of Edward Sapir in Language, Culture and Personality (1949) (by Hoijer, Harry), p53
  • 19. Review of Selected Writings (1949) (by Newman, Stanley S.), p59
  • 20. Review of Selected Writings (1949) (by Greenberg, Joseph H.), p66
  • 21. Review article on Selected Writings (1949) (by Harris, Zellig S.), p69
  • 22. Edward Sapir and the Training of Anthropological Linguists [1953] (by Haas, Mary R.), p115
  • 23. Part III: Appraisals of Sapir's Life and Work, 1956-1980
  • 24. Comments on Edward Sapir, his Personality and Scholarship [1956] (by Lowie, Robert Harry), p121
  • 25. Reflections on Edward Sapir, Scholar and Man [1959] (by Kroeber, Alfred Louis), p131
  • 26. The Culture Historic Implications of Sapir's Linguistic Classification (1961) (by Swadesh, Morris), p141
  • 27. Sapir's Phonologic Representation (1967) (by McCawley, James D.), p153
  • 28. The Sapir Years at the Canadian National Museum in Ottawa (1976) (by Darnell, Regna), p159
  • 29. Reflections on Sapir's Anthropology in Canada (1980) (by Preston, Richard J.), p179
  • 30. Part IV: Bibliography of Edward Sapir's Publications in Linguistics, Anthropology, and other Behavioral and Social Sciences
  • 31. Scientific Papers and Prose Writings (revised by Leslie Spier and updated by David Mandelbaum), 1906-1944 (by Sapir, Edward), p197
  • 32. Addenda to Sapir's Scientific Bibliography (by Koerner, E.F.K.), p211
  • 33. Index of Names, p219
  • 34. Location of Pictures and Illustrations
  • 35. Edward Sapir (Chicago, ca.1930), px
  • 36. Edward Sapir (New Haven, ca.1936), p2
  • 37. Edward Sapir, his wife Florence, nee Delson (d. 21 April 1924), and their first-born son, Michael, in front of 357 Elgin Street (Ottawa, Summer 1913), p8
  • 38. Edward Sapir (Ottawa, ca.1913), p38
  • 39. Facsimile of 'Time Perspective' (1916), p42
  • 40. Facsimile of 'Language: An introduction to the study of speech' (1921), p50
  • 41. Facsimile of 'Selected Writings of Edward Sapir in Language, Culture and Personality' (1949), p52
  • 42. Sapir's residence during the years 1915-16 at 67 Aylmer Street, Ottawa, Canada. (Picture taken in 1983, with William Cowan and Konrad Koerner in the foreground.), p58
  • 43. Sapir's residence during the years 1917-20 at 1 Findlay Avenue, Ottawa, Canada. (Picture dating from summer 1983.), p58
  • 44. Thomas Talbot Waterman (1885-1936), Paul Radin (1883-1959), Ishi (d. 1916), Robert Harry Lowie (1883-1957), and Sapir (Berkeley, California, August 1915), p120
  • 45. Paul Sidney Martin (1899-1874), Fay-Cooper Cole (1881-1961), and Sapir (departure for a field trip to the Southwest, Chicago, ca.1926), p120
  • 46. Edward Sapir's first classification of North American Indian languages as published in Science N.S. vol.54, No.1400, p.408 (1921), p140
  • 47. Facsimile of title and copyright statement of Shin-ichi Kurokawa's translation of "Sound Patterns in Language" and "The Psychological Reality of Phonemes" (Tokyo: Taishukan, 1958), p196
  • 48. Facsimile of the title page of the Japanese translation by Mikio Hirabayashi of major portions from 'Selected Writings of Edward Sapir' (Tokyo: Hokuseido, 1983), p210

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書名 Edward Sapir : appraisals of his life and work
著作者等 Koerner, E. F. K.
Sapir Edward
シリーズ名 Amsterdam studies in the theory and history of linguistic science
出版元 J. Benjamins Pub. Co.
刊行年月 1984
ページ数 xxviii, 224 p.
大きさ 23 cm
ISBN 9027245193
NCID BA01132791
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言語 英語
出版国 オランダ