Surface syntax of English : a formal model within the meaning-text framework

Igor A. Melʹčuk and Nikolaj V. Pertsov ; editor, Richard Kittredge

This book is the first attempt to describe the syntax of Contemporary English exclusively in terms of dependencies (most American works on the subject being in terms of phrase structure, or constituency). The three main features of it are: (1) a fully formal presentation, (2) a reasonably complete coverage of English surface syntax, and (3) an exposition oriented towards human readers (rather than computers). The book can be recommended for several categories of readers: specialists in English syntax, linguists interested in general and theoretical syntax, computational linguists, researchers in related fields (including psychology and artificial intelligence) concerned with automatic processing (both synthesis and analysis) of English texts.

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  • 1. Editor's Preface, pxiii
  • 2. Foreword, pxv
  • 3. Acknowledgements, pxvii
  • 4. Introduction, p1
  • 5. 1. Three raisons d'etre of this Book, p1
  • 6. 2. Five Main Characteristics of the Syntactic Approach in this Book, p4
  • 7. 3. Organization of this Book, p9
  • 8. Chapter I. A Brief Outline of the Meaning-Text Theory and the Corresponding Linguistic Model, p12
  • 9. 1. General Remarks, p12
  • 10. 2. Levels of Utterance Representation in the Meaning-Text Model, p15
  • 11. 3. General Design of the Meaning-Text Model, p34
  • 12. 4. Five Basic Principles of the Meaning-Text Approach, p43
  • 13. Chapter II. Surface-Syntactic Representation for English Sentences, p46
  • 14. 1. General Characterization of the Surface-Syntactic Representation, p46
  • 15. 2. Surface-Syntactic Structure, p48
  • 16. 3. Conditions for Grammatical Correctness of English Surface-Syntactic Structures, p78
  • 17. 4. Surface-Syntactic Relations in Modern English, p85
  • 18. Specimens of Surface-Syntactic Structures for English Sentences, p157
  • 19. Chapter III. Deep-Morphological Representation for English Sentences, p163
  • 20. 1. General Characterization of the Deep-Morphological Representation (of a Sentence), p163
  • 21. 2. Deep-Morphological Structure, p165
  • 22. 3. Conditions for Grammatical Correctness of English Deep-Morphological Structures, p166
  • 23. 4. Morphological Variables and Values of Wordforms in Modern English, p167
  • 24. Chapter IV. Surface-Syntactic Component of English, p178
  • 25. 1. General Characterization of the Surface-Syntactic Component, p178
  • 26. 2. The Notion of Syntagm, p186
  • 27. 3. Syntagms of Modern English, p198
  • 28. Appendix I. Parts of Speech and Syntactic Features of English Lexemes, p471
  • 29. Appendix II. Standard Subtrees, p485
  • 30. A. Internal Structure of Standard Subtrees, p485
  • 31. B. External Connections of Standard Subtrees, p490
  • 32. C. Distribution (among the Individual Nodes of the Subtree) of Labels that are Attached to the Subtree Symbol as a Whole, p491
  • 33. Appendix III. List of English Lexemes Mentioned in Syntagms ('Syntactic' Lexemes), p493
  • 34. Appendix IV. Samples of English Syntactic Phenomena Unaccounted for in the Proposed Description, p501
  • 35. References, p507
  • 36. Subject and Term Index, p521

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書名 Surface syntax of English : a formal model within the meaning-text framework
著作者等 Kittredge, Richard
Melʹčuk, Igorʹ A.
Pertsov, Nikolaj V.
Mel'cuk Igor A.
Pertsov Nikolaj V.
Stern Lev
Mel'chuk I.A.
シリーズ名 Linguistic & literary studies in Eastern Europe
出版元 J. Benjamins
刊行年月 1987
ページ数 xvi, 526 p.
大きさ 23 cm
ISBN 9027215154
NCID BA00752531
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言語 英語
原文言語 ロシア語
出版国 オランダ