Psycho-analytic explorations

D.W. Winnicott ; edited by Clare Winnicott, Ray Shepherd, Madeleine Davis

The editors of The Winnicott Trust have assembled into one volume ninety-two works by the brilliant writer, theoretician, and clinician. This fascinating volume includes, among many important topics, critiques of Melanie Klein's ideas and insights into the work of other psychoanalysts, as well as gems of thought on such concepts as play in the analytic situation, the fate of the transitional object, regression in psychoanalysis, and the use of silence in psychotherapy.

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  • Preface D.W.W.: A Reflection by Clare Winnicott PART 1: PSYCHO-ANALYSIS:THEORY AND PRACTICE 1. Early Disillusion 1939 2. Knowing and Not Knowing:A Clinical Example Undated 3. A Point in Technique Undated 4. Play in the Analytic Situation 1954 5. Fragments Concerning Varieties of Clinical Confusion 1956 6. Excitement in the Aetiology of Coronary Thrombosis 1957 7. Hallucination and Dehallucination 1957 8. Ideas and Definitions 1950s 9. Psychogenesis of a Beating Fantasy 1958 10. Nothing at the Centre 1959 11. The Fate of the Transitional Object 1959 12. Notes on Play Undated 13. Psycho-Neurosis in Childhood 1961 14. Further Remarks on the Theory of the Parent-Infant Relationship 1961 15. A Note on a Case Involving Envy 1963 16. Perversions and Pregenital Fantasy 1963 17. Two Notes on the Use of Silence 1963 18. Fear of Breakdown 1963? 19. The Importance of the Setting in Meeting Regression in Psycho-Analysis 1964 20. Psycho-Somatic Disorder i. Psycho-Somatic Illness in its Positive and Negative Aspects 1964 ii. Additional Note on Psycho-Somatic Disorder 1967 21. The Psychology of Madness: A Contribution from Psycho-Analysis 1965 22. The Concept of Trauma in Relation to the Development of the Individual within the Family 1965 23. Notes on Withdrawal and Regression 1965 24. New Light on Children's Thinking 1965 25. Comment on Obsessional Neurosis and "Frankie" 1965 26. A Note on the Mother-Foetus Relationship 1960s 27. Absence and Presence of a Sense of Guilt Illustrated in Two Patients 1966 28. On the Split-off Male and Female Elements i. The Split-off Male and Female Elements to Be Found in Men and Women 1966 ii. Clinical Material 1959-1963 iii. Answer to Comments 1968-1969 29. The Concept of Clinical Regression Compared with That of Defence Organisation 1967 30. Addendum to "The Location of Cultural Experience" 1967 31. Playing and Culture 1968 32. Interpretation in Psycho-analysis 1968 33. Thinking and Symbol-Formation 1968 34. On "The Use of an Object" i. The Use of an Object and Relating through Indentifications 1968 ii. D.W.W's Dream Related to Reviewing Jung 1963 iii. Notes Made on the Train 1965 iv. The Use of the Word "Use" 1968 v. Clinical Illustration of "The Use of an Object" 1968 vi. Comments on My Paper "The Use of an Object" 1968 vii. The Use of an Object in the Context of Moses and Monotheism 1969 35. Development of the Theme of the Mother's Unconscious as Discovered in Psycho-Analytic Practice 1969 36. The Mother-Infant Experience of Mutuality 1969

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書名 Psycho-analytic explorations
著作者等 Davis, Madeleine
Shepherd, Ray
Winnicott, Clare
Winnicott, D. W.
Winnicott D. W.
出版元 Harvard University Press
刊行年月 1989
ページ数 xiii, 602 p.
大きさ 25 cm
ISBN 0674720911
NCID BA07458689
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言語 英語
出版国 アメリカ合衆国