The new frontiers in research for oral cancer

T. Tachikawa (ed)


書名 The new frontiers in research for oral cancer
著作者等 立川 哲彦
出版元 Maruzen Planet
刊行年月 c2012
ページ数 209p
大きさ 25cm
ISBN 978-4-86345-159-9
言語 英語
出版国 日本


著作名 著作者名
Comprehensive rehabilitation after oral cancer treatment
Evaluation of techniques for rehabilitating eating and swallowing functions using highly sensitive infrared thermography S. Hironaka, Y. Mukai
Extramedullary erythropoiesis in anemia M. Nakamura
Functions of toll-like receptors in osteoclast differentiation induced by receptor activator of NF-κ B ligand M. Takami
Identification of cancer stem cell-like fractions in oral squamous cell carcinoma and identification of Krt15 and Krt34 as putative cancer stem-cell markers T. Isobe
Impact of MPR CT imaging on the extension of oral squamous cell carcinoma Y. Kimura
Improvement of the intraoral enironment by ultrasonic irradiation M. Yamamoto
Molecular pathways involved in crosstalk between oral cancer cells and osteoclasts M. Usui
Novel biomarkers and screening tools for the early detection and prediction of radiation sensitivity in oral squamous cell carcinoma S. Shintani
Novel systems for the early diagnosis of oral cancer
On the critical parameters that regulate tissue-implant interface T. Miyazaki, Y. Shibata
Oral health-related quality of life in patients treated using implant supported fixed dentures and removable partial dentures C. Furuyama
Regeneration of structures in the oral and maxillofacial region lost to oral cancer
Screening for regulators of osteoblast differentiation induced by BMP-2 A. Yamada
The advantages of CBCT in various applications for an aid in evaluating the treatment of bone invasion in cancer of the maxillofacial and nasopharyngeal regions T. Yamaguchi
The relationship between the physical properties of oral moisturizer and the denture retention force Y. Sato
The relationship between vocal tract shape and articulation disorders in patients who have undergone hemiglossectomy H. Saito, R. Kataoka