Hiroshima in memoriam and today

edited by Hitoshi Takayama


書名 Hiroshima in memoriam and today
著作者等 高山 等
書名別名 a testament of peace for the world
出版元 The HIMAT Group
刊行年月 2000
版表示 3rd ed
ページ数 278 p.
大きさ 22 cm
言語 英語
出版国 日本


著作名 著作者名
A Korean survivor's appeal Kang Mun Hee
A child exposed in Utero Chizuno Nagaoka
A grace period for turning to peace Alfred Kastler
A memorial tribute to two young victims of the atomic bomb Fumiko Ochiai
A prayer for second-generation survivors Masahiro Yoshioka
A time for those who care Barbara Reynolds
A voice from Hiroshima Yasuo Harada
Appeal for peace Pope John Paul 2
Appeals are futile without action Anatol Rapoport
Burned, and burned again Sunao Tsuboi
Call to real commitment Malcolm Fraser
Cherishing the life my mother gave me Michiko Yamaoka
Concerned citizens' voices
Confession of a Korea-born Japanese survivor Eiichi Hashimoto
Delayed death Tomin Harada
Diabolic radiation Motoichi Oride
Diary of an atomic bomb survivor Teruo Sanuki
Dismantling nuclear forces F.W. de Klerk
Earlier memoirs of a-bomb experiences
From my sickbed Shizuko Nishimoto
Grief for my lost parents Wataru Fujimoto
Heed now Hiroshima's lesson Oscar Arias
Hiroshima Ad memoria! A.A. Bessmertnykh
Hiroshima and humanity Soichi Iijima
Hiroshima today
Hiroshima's challenge Takeshiro Kurisu
Hiroshima: symbol of fear and hope Imgeborg Kufter
Hiroshima: what it means to you and me Takuo Matsumoto
I hate 'Hiroshima' Shigetoshi Wakaki
Instant inferno Hitoshi Takayama
Judgment! using nuclear arms is a crime Teruaki Fukuhara
Let there be kindness and peace Fukujun Kaku
Love triumphs over power Ichiro Moritaki
Memoirs of a-bomb survivors
Message of commendation Takeshi Araki
Mingled feelings of wrath and lament Masuo Masumiya
Mother was exposed to the a-bomb Junko Ryoba
My life since August 6, 1945 Kametoshi Sakimoto
My son died when he was seven years old Kenzo Nagoya
One world or no world Gunther Anders
Our family's a-bomb experience Toshio Murakami
Peace education based on a-bomb experiences Hiroshi Morishita
Peace is the hope of all mankind Kazumitsu Aihara
Pearl Harbor and Hiroshima Naomi Shohno
Scientific experiments Ira Morris
Supportive voices from overseas
Teaching peace without hatred Beate Seefeld
That fateful day Masuto Higaki
The "new man" of peace Tibor Barther
The 50th anniversary of the atomic bombing Takashi Hiraoka
The Enola Gay and American conscience Michio Okamoto
The appeal of a girl survivor Miyako Matsubara
The city of Hiroshima, peace declaration Tadatoshi Akiba
The hibakusha are still suffering Haruko Yukinari
The importance of telling what happened Suzuko Numata
The monster Tamotsu Eguchi
The role of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum Kaoru Ogura
The survivors' mission, fifty years later Takeshi Itoh
This cause will triumph Philip J. Noel-Baker
Thoughts on the atomic bombing of Hiroshima Arnold Joseph Toynbee
Thoughts on the atomic bombing's 50th anniversary Teruo Sanuki
Toward a peacefel world commonwealth A.A. Hook, Janet E.
Voices of the world
Witnessing to a-bomb terror Akihiro Takahashi
World opinion for peace Shin'ichiro Tomonaga