The mathematics of Minkowski space-time : with an introduction to commutative hypercomplex numbers

Francesco Catoni ... [et al.]

This book arose out of original research on the extension of well-established applications of complex numbers related to Euclidean geometry and to the space-time symmetry of two-dimensional Special Relativity. The system of hyperbolic numbers is extensively studied, and a plain exposition of space-time geometry and trigonometry is given. Commutative hypercomplex systems with four unities are studied and attention is drawn to their interesting properties.

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  • The Mathematics of Minkowski Space-Time: 1 N-Dimensional Hypercomplex Numbers and the associated Geometries.- Commutative Hypercomplex Number Systems.- The General Two-Dimensional System.- Linear Transformations and Geometries.- The Geometries Associated with Hypercomplex Numbers.- Conclusions.- 2 Trigonometry in the Minkowski Plane.- Geometrical Representation of Hyperbolic Numbers.- Basics of Hyperbolic Trigonometry.- Geometry in Pseudo-Euclidean Cartesian Plane.- Trigonometry in the Pseudo-Euclidean Plane.- Theorems on Equilateral Hyperbolas in the Pseudo-Euclidean Plane.- Some Examples of Triangle Solutions in the Minkowski Plane.- Conclusions.- 3 Uniform and Accelerated Motions in the Minkowski Space-Time (Twin Paradox).- Inertial Motions.- Inertial and Uniformly Accelerated Motions.- Non-uniformly Accelerated Motions.- Conclusions.- 4 General Two-Dimensional Hypercomplex Numbers.-Geometrical Representation.- Geometry and Trigonometry in Two-Dimensional Algebras.- Some Properties of Fundamental Conic Section.- Numerical Examples.- 5 Functions of a Hyperbolic Variable.- Some Remarks on Functions of a Complex Variable.- Functions of Hypercomplex Variables.- The Functions of a Hyperbolic Variable.- The Elementary Functions of a Canonical Hyperbolic Variable.- H-Conformal Mappings.- Commutative Hypercomplex Systems with Three Unities.- 6 Hyperbolic Variables on Lorentz Surfaces.- Introduction.- Gauss: Conformal Mapping of Surfaces.- Extension of Gauss Theorem: Conformal Mapping of Lorentz Surfaces.- Beltrami: Complex Variables on a Surface.- Beltrami's Integration of Geodesic Equations.- Extension of Beltrami's Equation to Non-Definite Differential Forms.- 7 Constant Curvature Lorentz Surfaces.- Introduction.- Constant Curvature RiemannSurfaces.- Constant Curvature Lorentz Surfaces.- Geodesics and Geodesic Distances on Riemann and Lorentz Surfaces.- Conclusions.- 8 Generalization of Two-Dimensional Special Relativity (Hyperbolic Transformations and the Equivalence Principle).- Physical Meaning of Transformations by Hyperbolic Functions.- Physical Interpretation of Geodesics on Riemann and Lorentz Surfaces with Positive Constant Curvature.- Einstein's Way to General Relativity.- Conclusions.- II An Introduction to Commutative Hypercomplex Numbers.- 9 Commutative Segre's Quaternions.- Introduction.- Hypercomplex Systems with Four Units.- Historical Introduction of Segre's Quaternion.- Algebraic Properties of Commutative Quaternions.- Functions of a Quaternion Variable.- Mapping by Means of Quaternion Functions.- Elementary Functions of the Quaternions.- Elliptic-Hyperbolic Quaternions.- Elliptic-Parabolic Generalized Segre's Quaternions.- 10 Constant Curvature Segre's Quaternion Spaces.- Introduction.- Quaternion differential geometry and geodesic equations.- Orthogonality in Segre's Quaternion Space.- Constant Curvature Quaternion Spaces.- Geodesic Equations in Quaternion Space.- Beltrami's Integration Method for Quaternion Spaces.- Beltrami's Integration Method for Quaternion Spaces.- Conclusions.- 11 A Matrix Formalization for Commutative Hypercomplex Systems.- Mathematical Operations.- Properties of the Characteristic Matrix M.- Functions of Hypercomplex Variable.- Functions of a Two-Dimensional Hypercomplex Variable.- Derivatives of a Hypercomplex Function.- Characteristic Differential Equation.- A Equivalence Between the Formalizations of Hypercomplex Numbers.

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書名 The mathematics of Minkowski space-time : with an introduction to commutative hypercomplex numbers
著作者等 Boccaletti Dino
Cannata, Roberto
Catoni, Vincenzo
Nichelatti, Enrico
Zampetti, Paolo
Catoni Francesco
シリーズ名 Frontiers in mathematics
出版元 Birkhauser
刊行年月 c2008
ページ数 xviii, 255 p. :ill.
大きさ 24 cm
ISBN 9783764386139
NCID BA8569733X
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言語 英語
出版国 スイス