Writings on physics and philosophy

Wolfgang Pauli ; edited by Charles P. Enz and Karl von Meyenn ; translated by Robert Schlapp

Like Bohr, Einstein and Heisenberg, Wolfgang Pauli was not only a Nobel laureate and one of the creators of modern physics, but also an eminent philosopher of modern science. This is the first book in English to include all his famous articles on physics and epistemology. They were actually translated during Pauli's lifetime by R. Schlapp and are now edited and annotated by Pauli's former assistant Ch. Enz. Pauli writes about the philosophical significance of complementarity, about space,time and causality, symmetry and the exclusion principle, but also about therole of the unconscious in modern science. His famous article on Kepler is included as well as many historical essays on Bohr, Ehrenfest,and Einstein as well as on the influence of the unconscious on scientific theories. The book addresses not only physicists, philosophers and historians of science, but also the general public.

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  • Robert Schlapp (1899-1991) By Nicholas Kemmer.- Wolfgang Pauli (1900-1958): A Biographical Introduction. By Charles P Enz.- 1 Matter.- 2 The Philosophical Significance of the Idea of Complementarity.- 3 Probability and Physics.- 4 Niels Bohr on His 60th Birthday.- 5 Sommerfeld's Contributions to Quantum Theory.- 6 Arnold Sommerfeld .- 7 Rydberg and the Periodic System of the Elements.- 8 Paul Ehrenfest .- 9 Einstein's Contribution to Quantum Theory.- 10 Space, Time and Causality in Modern Physics.- 11 The Theory of Relativity and Science.- 12 Impressions of Albert Einstein.- 13 Albert Einstein and the Development of Physics.- 14 Theory and Experiment.- 15 Phenomenon and Physical Reality.- 16 Science and Western Thought.- 17 Ideas of the Unconscious from the Standpoint of Natural Science and Epistemology.- 18 Exclusion Principle and Quantum Mechanics.- 19 The Violation of Reflection Symmetries in the Laws of Atomic Physics.- 20 On the Earlier and More Recent History of the Neutrino.- 21 The Influence of Archetypal Ideas on the Scientific Theories of Kepler.- Name Index.

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書名 Writings on physics and philosophy
著作者等 Enz, Charles P.
Meyenn, K. v.
Pauli, Wolfgang
Schlapp, Robert
Schlapp R.
Meyenn Karl v.
出版元 Springer-Verlag
刊行年月 c1994
版表示 annotated ed
ページ数 vi, 289 p.
大きさ 24 cm
ISBN 038756859X
NCID BA23617932
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言語 英語
原文言語 ドイツ語
出版国 ドイツ