50 Psychology Classics : Who We are, How We Think, What We Do

By (author) Butler-Bowdon, Tom

In a journey spanning 50 books, hundreds of ideas and over a century, "50 Psychology Classics" looks at some of the most intriguing questions relating to what motivates us, what makes us feel and act in certain ways, how our brains work, and how we create a sense of self. "50 Psychology Classics" explores writings from some iconic figures such as Freud, Adler, Jung, skinner, James, Piaget and Pavolv, but also highlights the work of contemporary thinkers such as Gardner, Gilbert, Goleman and Seligman. We all need a personal theory of what makes people tick. To survive and thrive, we have to know who and what we are, and to be canny about the motivations of others. The common route to this knowledge is life experience, but we can advance our appreciation of the subject more quickly through reading. From the author of the bestselling "50 Self-Help Classics", "50 Success Classics" and "50 Spiritual Classics", which have sold over 100,000 in the English language and have been translated into 17 languages, "50 Psychology Classics" will further your understanding of human nature and yourself. You will find life-changing insights from 50 key books from the following authors: Alfred Adler; Gavin de Becker; Eric Berne; Edward de Bono; Robert Bolton; Nathaniel Branden; Isabel Briggs Myers; Louann Brizendine; David D Burns; Robert Cialdini; Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi; Albert Ellis and Robert Harper; Milton Erickson; Erik Erikson; Hans Eysenck; Susan Forward; Viktor Frankl; Anna Freud; Sigmund Freud; Howard Gardner; Daniel Gilbert; Malcolm Gladwell; Daniel Goleman; John M Gottman; Harry Harlow; Thomas A Harris; Eric Hoffer; Karen Horney; William James; Carl Jung; Eric Kandel; Alfred Kinsey; Melanie Klein; RD Laing; Abraham Maslow; Stanley Milgram; Ivan Pavlov; Fritz Perls; Jean Piaget; Steven Pinker; VS Ramachandran; Carl Rogers; Oliver Sacks; Barry Schwartz; Martin Seligman; Gail Sheehy; BF Skinner; Douglas Stone; William Styron; and, Robert E Thayer.

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書名 50 Psychology Classics : Who We are, How We Think, What We Do
著作者等 Butler-Bowdon, Tom
書名別名 Who We are, How We Think, What We Do
出版元 Nicholas Brealey Publishing
刊行年月 2006.11.16
ページ数 324p
大きさ H234 x W153
ISBN 9781857883862
言語 英語
出版国 イギリス