Materials handbook : a concise desktop reference

François Cardarelli

This unique and practical book provides quick and easy access to data on the physical and chemical properties of all classes of materials. The second edition has been much expanded to include whole new families of materials while many of the existing families are broadened and refined with new material and up-to-date information. Particular emphasis is placed on the properties of common industrial materials in each class. Detailed appendices provide additional information, and careful indexing and a tabular format make the data quickly accessible. This book is an essential tool for any practitioner or academic working in materials or in engineering.

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  • Ferrous Metals and Their Alloys: Iron and Steels.- Nickel and Nickel Alloys.- Cobalt and Cobalt Alloys.- Manganese and Manganese Alloys.- Common Nonferrous Metals: Aluminium and Aluminium Alloys.- Copper and Copper Alloys.- Zinc and Zinc Alloys.- Lead and Lead Alloys.- Tin and Tin Alloys.- Less Common Nonferrous Metals: Alkali Metals.- Alkaline-Earth Metals.- Refractory and Reactive Metals.- Precious and Noble Metals.- Platinum Group Metals.- Rare Earth Metals.- Uranides.- Semiconductors: Bibliogrphical References.- Band Theory of Bonding in Crystalline Solids.- Electrical Classification of Solids.- Semiconductor Classes.- Semiconductors Physical Quantities.- Transport Properties.- Physical Properties of Semiconductors.- Applications of Semiconductors.- Selected Monographies.- Semiconductor Wafer Processing.- The P-N Junction.- Superconductors: Bibliographical References.- General Description.- Superconductor Types.- Basic Theory.- The Meissner-Ochsenfeld Effect.- History.- Industrial Uses and Applications.- Magnetic Materials: Bibliographical References.- Magnetic Physical Quantities.- Classification of Magnetic Materials.- Ferromagnetic Materials.- Insulators and Dielectrics: Bibliographical References.- Physical Quantities of Dielectrics.- Physical Properties of Insulators.- Dielectric Behavior.- Dielectric Breakdown Mechanisms.- Electro-Mechanical Coupling.- Piezoelectricity.- Ferroelectrics.- Aging of Ferroelectrics.- Industrial Dielectrics Classification.- Selected Properties of Insulators and Dielectric Materials.- Miscellaneous Electrical Materials: Thermocouple Materials.- Electron-emitting Materials.- Photocathode Materials.- Secondary Emission.- Electrode Materials.- Industrial Anode Materials.- Electrodes for Corrosion Protection and Control.- Ceramics and Glasses: Ceramics and Refractories.- Definitions.- Basic Classification.- Glasses.- Refractories.- Advanced Ceramics.- Polymers and Elastomers: Fundamentals and Definistions.- Properties and Characteristics of Polymers.- Thermoplastics.- Thermosets.- Rubbers and Elastomers.- Physical Properties of Polymers.- IUPAC Abbreviation Names of Polymers and Elastomers.- Further Reading.- Minerals, Ores and Gemstones: Bibliographical References.- Definitions.- Mineralogical, Physical and Chemical Properties.- Strunz Classification of Minerals.- Mineral Properties Table.- Minerals Synonyms.- Rocks and Meteorites: Bibliographical References.- Introduction.- Different Types of Rocks.- Igneous Rocks.- Sedimentary Rocks.- Metamorphic Rocks.- Meteorites.- Physical Properties of Common Rocks.- Timbers and Woods: General Descriprion.- Properties of Woods.- Applications.- Wood Performance in Various Corrosives.- Building and Construction Materials: Portland Cement.- Aggregates.- Mortars and Concrete.- Ceramics for Construction.- Building Stones.- Composite Materials: Basic Definitions and Equations.- Polymer Matrix Composites.- Metal Matrix Composites.- Ceramic Matrix Composites.- Gases and Liquids: Properties of Gases.- Properties of Liquids.- Nuclear Materials: Introduction.- Types of Nuclear Reactors.- Nuclear Fuels.- Moderator Materials.- Coolants or Heat Transfer Fluids.- Cladding Materials.- Control Materials.- Shielding Materials.- Appendices: Periodic Chart of the Elements.- Selected Physical Properties of the Elements.- Earth Crust and Sea Water Abundance of the Elements.- Resources, Reserve, Reserve Base and McElvey Diagram.- Geochemical Classification of the Elements.- Historical Names of the Elements.- Natural Radioactivity.- Names of Transfermium Elements.- Physical Properties of Water.- Physical Properties of Ice.- Crystallography and Crystallochemistry.- Propertie

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書名 Materials handbook : a concise desktop reference
著作者等 Cardarelli, François
Cardarelli Francois
出版元 Springer
刊行年月 c2008
版表示 2nd ed
ページ数 xxxviii, 1340 p.
大きさ 25 cm
ISBN 9781846286681
NCID BA86811226
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言語 英語
出版国 イギリス