The Other Barack : The Bold and Reckless Life of President Obama's Father

By (author) Jacobs, Sally

In this title, an intrepid investigative reporter tells the full story of the troubled life and times of President Obama's largely absent father. Barack Obama, Sr. was part of Africa's 'independence generation' and in 1959 it seemed his star would shine brightly. He was 'airlifted' to the US from Kenya and given a university scholarship so that he could be prepared as part of the new leadership cadre that would be required following Kenya's independence in 1963. While in the Hawaii, he met Ann Dunham, and Barack Jr was born in 1961. He left his young family to gain a masters degree from Harvard. After that, Obama Sr's life became progressively more complicated. With three other women he fathered 7 other children. One wife had to be smuggled out of his house by the housekeeper in fear of her life. Obama drank too much, was a womanizer, and his political career never recovered from his friendship with the totemic Kenyan leader Tom Mboya, who was shot dead moments after the two men had been talking. Barack Obama Sr. was a man of extreme flavours. A brilliant economist. Polygamist. Harvard graduate. Alcoholic. Ardent African nationalist.Father of eight, nurturer of none, and surely an unlikely figure to father the first African American president of the United States. Obama was a man of sweeping faith in a new Africa. He devoted his life to winning the freedom of his beloved Kenya and bringing to an end to decades of crippling domination by the British. He was, like his son-to-be, a man moved by the dream of a better world. Barack Obama Jr. saw his father only once, when he was ten years old, in Hawaii. It was a difficult visit that lasted one month and left the son eager for his father to leave. But afterward he would spend long periods of his life yearning for his father, and in his book "Dreams From My Father" he tells us that he collapsed weeping at his father's grave, aching for the father he neither knew or understood. Now, thanks to dozens of exclusive new interviews, prodigious research and determined investigation, Sally Jacobs can tell the full story of the man the president called father but barely knew.

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書名 The Other Barack : The Bold and Reckless Life of President Obama's Father
著作者等 Jacobs, Sally
書名別名 The Bold and Reckless Life of President Obama's Father
出版元 PublicAffairs,U.S.
刊行年月 2011.07.28
ページ数 336p
大きさ H235 x W155
ISBN 9781586487935
言語 英語
出版国 アメリカ合衆国