Encyclopedia of African history  v. 1 ~ v. 3

Kevin Shillington, editor

Covering the entire continent from Morocco, Libya, and Egypt in the north to the Cape of Good Hope in the south, and the surrounding islands from Cape Verde in the west to Madagascar, Mauritius, and Seychelles in the east, the Encyclopedia of African History is a new A-Z reference resource on the history of the entire African continent. With entries ranging from the earliest evolution of human beings in Africa to the beginning of the twenty-first century, this comprehensive three volume Encyclopedia is the first reference of this scale and scope. Also includes 99 maps.

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  • Abidjan Abuja Accra Adal in the 17th century Adal: Ahmad ibn Ibrahim (1526-43) and conflict with Ethiopia Adal: Muslim sultanates in the Awash valley: Shoa, Ifat, Dawara, Sharka, Bali, Hadya Adal: The Kingdom of Adal under the Walaswa dynasty Addis Ababa Africa and La Francophonie Africa and the Cold War Africa and the Commonwealth Africa and the Diaspora in the colonial era Africa and the Diaspora: historiographical debates Africa in European and American literature Africa in the Arab and Islamic World Africa in World History African Development Bank (ADB) African History, Sources of: Survey (to cover written & archival, oral, archaeological, anthropological, linguistic, artefactual, iconographic, pictorial & film evidence, publishing difficulties) African Political Systems: pre-colonial to contemporary African soldiers overseas Africans and the professions (colonial period) Africans in colonial administrations Africans in colonial armies Africanus, Leo Aggrey, J.E.K. (1875-1927, educationalist) Agriculture, cash crops and food security Agriculture, industry and technology: pre-colonial to contemporary Aja-speaking Peoples: Aja, Fon and Ewe, 17th & 18th centuries Aja-speaking Peoples: Allada and the slave trade Aja-speaking Peoples: Dahomey in the 18th century Aja-speaking Peoples: Dahomey, rise of, 17th century Akan and Asante: Farmers, traders and the emergence of Akan States Akan States, 17th & 18th centuries: Bono, Dankyira, Wossa, Akyem, Akwamu, Fante Akan States: Ghana in the 18th century Akan: Osei Tutu (1701-17) and the founding of the Asante Kingdom Aksum, Kingdom of, history of Alcohol: popular culture and colonial control Alexandria Alexandria and early Christianity in Egypt Algeria: 'Abd al-Qadir, 1832-47 Algeria: Algiers and its capture, 1815-30 Algeria: Arabism and Islamism Algeria: Bendjedid and elections, 1978-1990 Algeria: Conquest and resistance, 1831-79 Algeria: era of Ben Bella, Boumedienne, socialist planning and development, 1960s and 1970s Algeria: European population, 1830-1954 Algeria: French government and administration, 1830-1914 Algeria: International relations, 1962-present Algeria: Islamic Ideas and movements in Colonial Algeria Algeria: Islamic Salvation Front, military rule and civil War, 1990s Algeria: Muslim population, 1871-1954 Algeria: Nationalism and reform, 1911-54 Algeria: War of Independence, 1954-62 Algiers All-African People's Conference (1958) Angola: Abolition of slave trade Angola: Ambaquista, Imbangala and long-distance trade 'Angola: Angola and the 'Scramble' ' Angola: Angola in 18th century Angola: Angola, Portugal, and Brazil: 19th century from c.1848 Angola: Chokwe and Ovimbundu (19th century) Angola: Christianity, missionaries and independent Churches in

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書名 Encyclopedia of African history
著作者等 Shillington, Kevin
巻冊次 v. 1
v. 2
v. 3
出版元 Fitzroy Dearborn
刊行年月 2005
ページ数 3 v. (xxxvii, 1824 p.)
大きさ 29 cm
ISBN 1579584535
NCID BA7023206X
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言語 英語
出版国 アメリカ合衆国