Poker Training: From Boot Camp to Elite Forces

By (author) Farha, M.

Covers much more than the basic advice that people get about Texas Hold'em Poker. How many times do we need to hear that A/A is the strongest Starting Hand, etc? This book quickly goes through the basics, and then takes you much further. For example...are you a Fish? If yes-how do you fix it? Take the Fish quiz on Page 23 to find out (Fish quiz also on the free Preview). How & when you should Bluff (Pg 67). How do you read Tells (Pg 48). How much Bankroll do you need (Pg 60). Chapter 7 will teach you how you can form your own Poker Team, and easily increase your Poker earnings by 4 fold or more (without increasing your personal Bankroll or table hours). Contains secret information that only a handful of Poker professionals know about. Written by a Professional player with 23 years of Poker experience, and with a long line of successful players in his Family history. The Preview for this book consists of a summary for each Chapter. This book will be a smart investment towards your future Poker earnings.

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書名 Poker Training: From Boot Camp to Elite Forces
著作者等 Farha, M.
刊行年月 2006.04.14
ページ数 96p
大きさ H229 x W152
ISBN 9781411699458
言語 英語
出版国 アメリカ合衆国