Music, National Identity and the Politics of Location : Between the Global and the Local

Edited by Biddle, Ian; Edited by Knights, Vanessa

How are national identities constructed and articulated through music? Popular music has long been associated with political dissent, and the nation state has consistently demonstrated a determination to seek out and procure for itself a stake in the management of 'its' popular musics. Similarly, popular musics have been used 'from the ground up' as sites for both populist and popular critiques of nationalist sentiment, from the position of both a globalizing and a 'local' vernacular culture. The contributions in this book arrive at a critical moment in the development of the study of national cultures and musicology. The book ranges from considerations of the ideological focus of cultural nationalism through to analyses of musical hybridity and musical articulations of other kinds of identities at odds with national identity. The processes of global homogenization are thereby shown to have brought about a transitional crisis for national cultural identities: the evolution of these identities, particularly with reference to the concept of 'authenticity' in music, is situated within broader debates on power, political economy and constructions of the self. Theorizations of practice are employed after the manner of Bourdieu, Gramsci, Goffman, Gadamer, Habermas, Bhabha, Lacan. Each contribution acts as a case study to characterize the strategies through which differing modes of musical discourse engage, critique or obscure discourses on national identity. The studies include discussions of: musical representations of Irishness; the relationship between Afropop and World Music; Norwegian club music; the revival of traditional music in Serbia; resistance to cultural homogeneity in Brazil; contemporary Uyghur song in Northwest China; rap and race in French society; technobanda from the barrios of Los Angeles, and Spanish/Moroccan rai. In this way, the book seeks to characterize the ideological configurations that help to activate and sustain hegemonic, ambivalent and dissident articulations of national identity and musical practices.

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  • Contents: Introduction: National popular musics: betwixt and beyond the local and global, Ian Biddle and Vanessa Knights. Part I Positions: National identity and music in transition: issues of authenticity in a global setting, John O'Flynn
  • Where does World Music come from? Globalization, Afropop and the question of cultural identity, David Murphy. Part II Locations: Voicing risk: migration, transgression and relocation in Spanish/Moroccan rai, Parvati Nair
  • Banda, a new sound from the barrios of Los Angeles: transmigration and transcultural production, Helena Simonett
  • Rapping at the margins: musical constructions of identities in contemporary France, Brian George
  • The quest for national unity in Uyghur popular song: barren chickens, stray dogs, fake immortals and thieves, Joanne N. Smith
  • The singer and the mask: voices of Brazil in Antonio Nobrega's Madeira Que Cupim Nao Roi, Robin Warner and Regina Nascimento
  • Popular music, tradition and Serbian nationalism, Robert Hudson
  • Those Norwegians: deconstructing the nation in Europe through fixity and indifference in Norwegian club music, Stan Hawkins
  • Afterword, Richard Middelton
  • Bibliography
  • Index.

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書名 Music, National Identity and the Politics of Location : Between the Global and the Local
著作者等 Knights, Vanessa
Biddle, Ian
書名別名 Between the Global and the Local
シリーズ名 Ashgate Popular and Folk Music Series
出版元 Ashgate Publishing Limited
刊行年月 2013.01.28
版表示 New ed
ページ数 268p
ISBN 9781409493778
言語 英語
出版国 イギリス