Marine biodiversity of Costa Rica, Central America  hbk

edited by Ingo S. Wehrtmann and Jorge Cortés

This volume, compiling and updating the marine biodiversity information of Costa Rica, consists of species lists, and comments on the state-of-knowledge of most taxonomical groups. It contains information about collections and experts for each taxonomic group as well as information gaps, thus serving as a starting point and basic reference for future research. Although focusing on Costa Rica, the book provides an overview of marine species diversity of Central America. This full color book with over 100 color illustrations should stimulate marine research in the region, and will be an asset for students and researchers as well as decision makers and conservation managers dealing with the sustainable use of marine and coastal areas. From the foreword by the President of Costa Rica: Oscar Arias Sanchez: 'The work of Ingo Wehrtmann, Jorge Cortes and their colleagues, who have created the first-ever compilation of knowledge of our marine organisms, allows the rest of us to imagine underwater life a bit more clearly. Such imagining is crucial if our marine habitats are to be saved. This work also underscores the urgency of our task as conservationists.' The Species' List can be obtained from

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  • PART I The Marine Realm of Costa Rica - Diversity of Marine Habitats Jorge Cortes & Ingo S. Wehrtmann PART II A history of marine biodiversity scientific research in Costa Rica Jorge Cortes PART III Marine Fossils Teresita Aguilar PART IV Taxonomic groups Chapter 1. Phytoplankton - Roxana Viquez & Paul E. Hargraves Chapter 2 Marine benthic algae - Andrea Bernecker Chapter 3. Seagrasses -Jorge Cortes & Eva Salas Chapter 4 Mangroves - Ana Margarita Silva-Benavides Chapter 5 Foraminifera - Jorge Cortes, Claudia Mora-Baumgartner & Vanessa Nielsen Chapter 6 Sponges - Jorge Cortes, Noam van der Hal, R.W.M. van Soest Chapter 7 Hydrozoa, Scyphozoa and Cubozoa (Medusozoa) - Karina Rodriguez & Lourdes Segura-Puertas Chapter 8 Siphonophores - Karina Rodriguez & Rebeca Gasca Chapter 9. Zoanthids, sea anemones and corallimorpharians - Jorge Cortes Chapter 10 Octocorals - Odalisca Breedy Chapter 11 Stony corals - Jorge Cortes Chapter 12 Sipunculans - Jose A. Vargas & Harlan K. Dean Chapter 13 Polychaetes and echiurans - Harlan K. Dean Chapter 14 Stomatopods - Rita Vargas Chapter 15 Euphausids - Ivan Castellanos, Eduardo Suarez-Morales & Alvaro Morales-Ramirez Chapter 16 Decapod crustaceans- Rita Vargas & Ingo S. Wehrtmann Chapter 17 Shallow water mysids - W. Wayne Price, Richard W. Heard and Rita Vargas Chapter 18 Cumaceans - Iorgu Petrescu, Richard W. Heard, Rita Vargas & Odalisca Breedy Chapter 19 Tanaidaceans - Richard W. Heard, Odalisca Breedy & Rita Vargas Chapter 20 Isopods - Richard Brusca & Ingo S. Wehrtmann Chapter 21 Gammaridean amphipods - John M. Foster, Sara E. LeCroy, Richard W. Heard and Rita Vargas Chapter 22 Hyperiid amphipods - Rebeca Gasca Chapter 23 Barnacles - Robert von Syoc Chapter 24 Copepods - Alvaro Morales-Ramirez & Eduardo Suarez-Morales Chapter 25 Sea-spiders - Roger N.Bamber Chapter 26 Marine insects - Monika Springer Chapter 27 Chitons - Enrico Schwabe & Ingo S. Wehrtmann Chapter 28 Benthic, shelled gastropods - Leonora Rodriguez, Rita Vargas & Jorge Cortes Chapter 29 Pelagic gastropods - Eduardo Suarez-Morales, Rebeca Gasca & Ivan Castellanos Chapter 30 Benthic opisthobranchs - Yolanda E. Camacho-Garcia Chapter 31 Bivalves - Julio Magana-Cubillo & Jose Espinosa Chapter 32 Squids and octopuses - F.G. Hochberg & Yolanda E. Camacho-Garcia Chapter 33 Phoronids - Christian C. Emig Chapter 34 Bryozoans - Jorge Cortes, Vanessa Nielsen & Amalia Herrera-Cubilla Chapter 35 Brachiopods - Christian C. Emig Chapter 36 Echinoderms - Juan Jose Alvarado & Jorge Cortes Chapter 37 Chaetognaths or arrow worms - Eduardo Suarez-Morales, Rosa Ma. Hernandez-Flores & Alvaro Morales-Ramirez Chapter 38 Appendicularians (Urochordata) - Ivan Castellanos, Alvaro Morales-Ramirez & Eduardo Suarez-Morales Chapter 39 Marine fish - William A. Bussing & Myrna Lopez Chapter 40 Marine reptiles and amphibians - Mahmood Sasa, Gerardo A. Chaves & Lisa D. Patrick Chapter 41 Birds in coastal and marine environments - Gilbert Barrantes & Johel Chaves-Campos Chapter 42 Marine mammals - Laura May-Collado Chapter 43 Other taxonomic groups Fungi, kinorhynchs, invertebrate chordates - Jorge Cortes Chapter 44 Marine fish parasites - Jorge Cortes Chapter 45 Sea turtle parasites - Mario Santero & Simonetta Mattiucci PART V. Marine Biodiversity of Costa Rica: Perspectives and Conclusions - Ingo S. Wehrtmann, Jorge Cortes & Silvia Echeverria

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書名 Marine biodiversity of Costa Rica, Central America
著作者等 Cortes Jorge (CIMA Ciudad de la Investigacion Universidad de Costa Rica San Jose Costa Rica)
Cortés Jorge Professor
Wehrtmann Ingo S.
Wehrtmann Ingo S
シリーズ名 Monographiae biologicae
巻冊次 hbk
出版元 Springer
刊行年月 c2009
ページ数 xxxiv, 538 p
大きさ 25cm
付随資料 1 CD-ROM
ISBN 9781402082771
NCID BA89118514
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言語 英語
出版国 オランダ