The creation of the principality of Antioch, 1098-1130

Thomas S. Asbridge

The First Crusade wrought many changes across the medieval world, not least in Levant, where the expedition culminated in the Frankish conquest of much of Syria and Palestine. This book is the first major study of the early history of one of these Latin settlements, the principality of Antioch; it reasserts the significance of Antioch, and challenges the dominant position of the kingdom of Jerusalem in modern crusading historiography. Thomas Asbridge examines the formation of Antioch's political, military and ecclesiastical frameworks and explains how the principality survived in the hostile political environment of the Near East. He also demonstrates that Latin Antioch was shaped by the complex world of the Levant, facing a diverse range of influences and potential threats from the neighbouring forces of Byzantium and Islam. Historians of the Frankish East and of medieval Europe in the eleventh century will find this an important contribution to crusading history; it is also a significant contribution to the study of frontier societies and medieval communities. THOMAS S. ASBRIDGE is lecturer in early medieval history at Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London.

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  • Introduction: modern historiography
  • the primary sources. Part 1 The birth of the principality: Antioch and the First Crusade, 1097-1099
  • the advance towards Antioch
  • the First Crusade in the region of Antioch
  • the contest for control of Antioch
  • the early formation of the principality of Antioch
  • summary. Part 2 The formation of the principality: the need for territorial consolidation, 1100-1130
  • the early years
  • the expansion of the principality under Tancred, 1106-1112
  • Roger of Salermo, 1113-1119
  • 1120-1126
  • Bohemond II, 1126-1130
  • summary. Part 3 Relations with the Byzantine Empire: Bohemond's oath to Alexius and the retention of Antioch
  • the Treaty of Devol
  • the Treaty of Devol's influence on relations with the Byzantine Empire. Part 4 Relations with other Latin settlements in the East: a Latin confraternity in the East? 1098-1105
  • 1105-1112
  • 1113-1130
  • summary. Part 5 The princes of Antioch: Bohemon I and the title of princeps
  • the succession
  • the powers of the prince of Antioch. Part 6 Lordship in the principality: titles
  • issuing charters
  • households and officers
  • key individuals/lordships
  • the county of Marash
  • origins
  • summary
  • appendix: lay landholders in the principality, 1098-1130.Part 7 The development of institutions: the prince's household
  • the administration of the city of Antioch. Part 8 The Latin Patriarchate of Antioch: the establishment of the Latin Church in Antioch, 1098-1100
  • the formation of the Latin Patriarchate of Antioch, 1100-1130
  • the development of patriarchal authority
  • the Patriarchate of Antioch and the universal church.

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書名 The creation of the principality of Antioch, 1098-1130
著作者等 Asbridge Tom
Asbridge Thomas S.
出版元 Boydell Press
刊行年月 2000
ページ数 xi, 233 p.
大きさ 25 cm
ISBN 0851156614
NCID BA48987578
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言語 英語
出版国 イギリス