Color atlas of farm animal dermatology

Danny W. Scott

Sickness and disease can be devastating to a livestock population and, in turn, to farm productivity. Skin diseases are among the most visible and common concerns to livestock health and even many systemic conditions may first manifest themselves in the skin. With the numerous causes of dermatological disease and the importance of controlling disease from both a herd management and public health aspect, diagnosis is imperative. A Color Atlas of Farm Animal Dermatology is an essential reference for veterinary dermatologists, practitioners, and students alike. Emphasizing recognition and diagnosis, the book combines over 600 color photographs with clear and concise text highlighting clinical features, differentials, and diagnostic information for each disease. Coverage includes both common and uncommon diseases of cattle, goats, sheep and pigs. The atlas is divided into four species-specific sections for easy reference. Disease types covered include bacterial, fungal, parasitic, viral and protozoal, immunological, congenital and hereditary, environmental, nutritional and miscellaneous diseases, as well as neoplastic and non-neoplastic growths. More than 300 full-color images Emphasizes recognition and diagnosis Coverage divided into species-specific sections for easy use Covers all dermatological disease types in cattle, goats, sheep and pigs Includes clinical features, differentials, and diagnostics for each disease

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  • Preface and Acknowledgements. Reportable and Foreign Diseases. 1. Bovine. 1.1 - Bacterial Skin Diseases. 1.2 - Fungal Skin Diseases. 1.3 - Parasitic Skin Diseases. 1.4 - Viral and Protozoal Skin Diseases. 1.5 - Immunological Skin Diseases. 1.6 - Congenital and Hereditary Skin Diseases. 1.7 - Environmental Skin Diseases. 1.8 - Nutritional Skin Diseases. 1.9 - Miscellaneous Skin Diseases. 1.10 - Neoplastic and Non-neoplastic Growths. 2. Caprine. 2.1 - Bacterial Skin Diseases. 2.2 - Fungal Skin Diseases. 2.3 - Parasitic Skin Diseases. 2.4 - Viral and Protozoal Skin Diseases. 2.5 - Immunological Skin Diseases. 2.6 - Congenital and Hereditary Skin Diseases. 2.7 - Environmental Skin Diseases. 2.8 - Nutritional Skin Diseases. 2.9 - Miscellaneous Skin Diseases. 3. Ovine. 3.1 - Bacterial Skin Diseases. 3.2 - Fungal Skin Diseases. 3.3 - Parasitic Skin Diseases. 3.4 - Viral and Protozoal Skin Diseases. 3.5 - Immunological Skin Diseases. 3.6 - Congenital and Hereditary Skin Diseases. 3.7 - Environmental Skin Diseases. 3.8 - Nutritional Skin Diseases. 3.9 - Miscellaneous Skin Diseases. 3.10 - Neoplastic and Non-neoplastic Growths. 4. Porcine. 4.1 - Bacterial Skin Diseases. 4.2 - Fungal Skin Diseases. 4.3 - Parasitic Skin Diseases. 4.4 - Viral and Protozoal Skin Diseases. 4.5 - Immunological Skin Diseases. 4.6 - Congenital and Hereditary Skin Diseases. 4.7 - Environmental Skin Diseases. 4.8 - Nutritional Skin Diseases. 4.9 - Miscellaneous Skin Diseases. 4.10 - Neoplastic and Non-neoplastic Growths. Index.

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書名 Color atlas of farm animal dermatology
著作者等 Scott, Danny W.
出版元 Blackwell Pub.
刊行年月 2007
ページ数 xi, 252 p.
大きさ 29 cm
ISBN 9780813805160
NCID BA83750282
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言語 英語
出版国 アメリカ合衆国