A guide to the mammals of China

Andrew T. Smith and Yan Xie, editors ; Robert S. Hoffmann ... [et al.], contributing authors ; illustrator Federico Gemma

China's stunning diversity of natural habitats--from parched deserts to lush tropical forests--is home to more than 10 percent of the world's mammal species. A Guide to the Mammals of China is the most comprehensive guide to all 556 species of mammals found in China. It is the only single-volume reference of its kind to fully describe the physical characteristics, geographic distribution, natural history, and conservation status of every species. An up-to-date distribution map accompanies each species account, and color plates illustrate a majority of species. Written by a team of leading specialists, including Professor Wang Sung who provides a history of Chinese mammalogy, A Guide to the Mammals of China is the ideal reference for researchers and a delight for anyone interested in China's rich mammal fauna. The definitive, comprehensive, up-to-date guide to all of China's 556 mammal species High-quality color plates accompany the detailed text Each species account comes with a distribution map Organized taxonomically for easy reference Includes an extensive bibliography

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  • List of Species Plates xi List of Figures xv List of Maps xvii List of Habitat Illustrations xix Preface xxi Contributors xxiii INTRODUCTION: Andrew T. Smith and Xie Yan 1 China's Geography and Mammalian Biogeography 1 History of Chinese Mammalogy: Wang Sung 4 Mammalian Conservation 9 China's Protected Area System 10 How to Use This Book 11 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS 14 Species Plates 32 Taxonomic Descriptions 155 CLASS MAMMALIA: Andrew T. Smith 155 ORDER PROBOSCIDEA: Andrew T. Smith and John MacKinnon 155 Family Elephantidae 155 ORDER SIRENIA: Andrew T. Smith 157 Family Dugongidae 157 ORDER SCANDENTIA: Andrew T. Smith 158 Family Tupaiidae 158 ORDER PRIMATES: John MacKinnon 158 Family Lorisidae 159 Family Cercopithecidae 160 Subfamily Cercopithecinae 160 Subfamily Colobinae 164 Family Hylobatidae 169 ORDER RODENTIA: Darrin Lunde, Andrew T. Smith, and Robert S. Hoffmann 172 Family Sciuridae: Robert S. Hoffmann and Andrew T. Smith 172 Subfamily Ratufinae 173 Subfamily Sciurinae 174 Subfamily Callosciurinae 182 Subfamily Xerinae 189 Family Gliridae: Andrew T. Smith 196 Family Castoridae: Andrew T. Smith 197 Family Dipodidae: Andrew T. Smith 198 Subfamily Allactaginae 198 Subfamily Cardiocraniinae 202 Subfamily Dipodinae 204 Subfamily Euchoreutinae 206 Subfamily Sicistinae 206 Subfamily Zapodinae 208 Family Platacanthomyidae: Andrew T. Smith 208 Family Spalacidae: Andrew T. Smith 209 Subfamily Myospalacinae 209 Subfamily Rhizomyinae 212 Family Cricetidae: Darrin Lunde and Andrew T. Smith 214 Subfamily Arvicolinae: Darrin Lunde 214 Subfamily Cricetinae: Andrew T. Smith and Robert S. Hoffmann 239 Family Muridae: Andrew T. Smith and Darrin Lunde 247 Subfamily Gerbillinae: Andrew T. Smith and Robert S. Hoffmann 247 Subfamily Murinae: Darrin Lunde 252 Family Hystricidae: Andrew T. Smith 273 ORDER LAGOMORPHA: Andrew T. Smith 275 Family Ochotonidae 275 Family Leporidae 287 ORDER ERINACEOMORPHA: Robert S. Hoffmann and Darrin Lunde 292 Family Erinaceidae 292 Subfamily Erinaceinae 293 Subfamily Galercinae 295 ORDER SORICOMORPHA: Robert S. Hoffmann and Darrin Lunde 297 Family Soricidae 297 Subfamily Crocidurinae 298 Subfamily Soricinae 303 Family Talpidae 320 Subfamily Scalopinae 321 Subfamily Talpinae 321 Subfamily Uropsilinae 326 ORDER CHIROPTERA: Don E. Wilson 327 Family Pteropodidae 328 Family Rhinolophidae 334 Family Hipposideridae 344 Family Megadermatidae 349 Family Emballonuridae 350 Family Molossidae 351 Family Vespertilionidae 353 Subfamily Vespertilioninae 353 Subfamily Myotinae 371 Subfamily Miniopterinae 380 Subfamily Murininae 382 Subfamily Kerivoulinae 386 ORDER PHOLIDOTA: Andrew T. Smith 387 Family Manidae 387 ORDER CARNIVORA: W. Chris Wozencraft 388 Family Felidae 389 Subfamily Felinae 390 Subfamily Pantherinae 399 Family Viverridae 404 Subfamily Hemigalinae 405 Subfamily Paradoxurinae 406 Subfamily Prionodontinae 410 Subfamily Viverrinae 411 Family Herpestidae 414 Family Canidae 416 Family Ursidae 422 Family Otariidae 427 Family Phocidae 429 Family Mustelidae 431 Subfamily Lutrinae 432 Subfamily Mustelinae 434 Family Ailuridae 448 ORDER PERISSODACTYLA: Andrew T. Smith 449 Family Equidae 449 ORDER ARTIODACTYLA: John MacKinnon 451 Family Suidae 452 Family Camelidae 452 Family Tragulidae 453 Family Moschidae 454 Family Cervidae 457 Subfamily Capreolinae 457 Subfamily Cervinae 459 Subfamily Hydropotinae 467 Family Bovidae 468 Subfamily Antilopinae 468 Subfamily Bovinae 472 Subfamily Caprinae 473 ORDER CETACEA: Andrew T. Smith 481 Family Delphinidae 482 Family Phocoenidae 482 Family Iniidae 483 APPENDIXES 485 I. Cetaceans Found Off the Coast of China 485 II. Hypothetical Mammals 486 III. Introduced Alien, Feral, or Free-ranging Domestic Mammals 487 GLOSSARY 489 REFERENCES 495 INDEX TO SCIENTIFIC NAMES 527 INDEX TO COMMON NAMES 541

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書名 A guide to the mammals of China
著作者等 Hoffmann, Robert S.
Gemma Federico
Lunde Darrin
Mackinnon John
Wilson Don E.
Wozencraft W. Chris
Xie Yan
Smith Andrew T.
出版元 Princeton University Press
刊行年月 c2008
ページ数 xiii, 544 p.
大きさ 25 cm
ISBN 9780691099842
NCID BA85571047
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言語 英語
出版国 アメリカ合衆国