Minerals : their constitution and origin

Hans-Rudolf Wenk and Andrei Bulakh

Minerals: Their Constitution and Origin is an introduction to mineralogy for undergraduate and graduate students in the fields of geology and materials science. It has been designed for a one-semester course and covers all aspects of mineralogy in an up-to-date and integrated style. The book is divided into five parts that discuss structure and bonding within minerals; mineral physics and optical properties; modes of mineral formation and thermodynamics; mineral groups within the context of mineral-forming environments; and the application of mineralogy for the exploitation of metal deposits, gems, and cement. Identification of minerals in hand specimen and under the microscope are also covered. Throughout the text emphasis is placed on linking mineral properties with broader geological processes, and on conveying their economic value. Containing beautiful colour photographs, handy reference tables and a glossary of terms, this textbook will be an indispensable guide for the next generation of mineralogy students.

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  • Part I. Structural Features of Minerals: 1. Subject and history of mineralogy
  • 2. Elements, bonding, simple structures and ionic radii
  • 3. The lattice concept and description of crystal structures
  • 4. Macroscopic symmetries: crystal morphology
  • 5. Crystal growth and aggregation
  • 6. Isomorphism, polymorphism and crystalline defects
  • Part II. Physical Investigation of Minerals: 7. Experimental approaches to crystal structures: X-ray diffraction
  • 8. Physical properties
  • 9. Optical properties of crystals
  • 10. Mineral identification with the petrographic microscope
  • 11. Color
  • 12. Additional analytical methods
  • 13. Mechanical properties and deformation
  • Part III. Variety of Minerals and Mineral-forming Processes: 14. Classification and names of minerals
  • 15. Mineral identification of hand specimens
  • 16. Mineral genesis
  • 17. Stability of minerals and phase diagrams
  • 18. Solid solutions
  • Part IV. A Systematic Look at Mineral Groups: 19. Some very common minerals: quartz and feldspars. Crystallization of granite and pegmatite
  • 20. Simple compounds and new minerals. Unusual occurrences
  • 21. Halides. Evaporite deposits
  • 22. Carbonates and other minerals with triangular anion groups. Sedimentary origins
  • 23. Phosphates, sulfates and related minerals. Apatite as a biogenic mineral
  • 24. Sulfides. Hydrothermal processes
  • 25. Oxides and hydroxides. Review of ionic crystals
  • 26. Orthosilicates and ring silicates. Metamorphic mineral assemblages
  • 27. Sheet silicates. Weathering of silicate rocks
  • 28. Chain silicates. Discussion of some igneous and metamorphic processes
  • 29. Framework silicates. Zeolites and ion exchange properties of minerals
  • Part V. Applied Mineralogy: 30. Metalliferous mineral deposits
  • 31. Gemstones
  • 32. Cement minerals
  • 33. Minerals and human health
  • 34. Mineral composition of the solar system
  • 35. Mineral composition of the Earth
  • Appendix A. Determinative tables for hand specimen identification
  • Appendix B. Determinative tables for optical mineralogy
  • Glossary
  • Index.

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書名 Minerals : their constitution and origin
著作者等 Bulakh, A. G.
Wenk, Hans-Rudolf
Bulakh Andrei
出版元 Cambridge University Press
刊行年月 2006
版表示 reprinted with corrections
ページ数 xxii, 646 p., 16 p. of plates
大きさ 25 cm
ISBN 9780521529587
NCID BA8412907X
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言語 英語
出版国 イギリス