Comparative vertebrate neuroanatomy : evolution and adaptation

Ann B. Butler, William Hodos

"Comparative Vertebrate Neuroanatomy Evolution and Adaptation Second Edition" is by Ann B. Butler and William Hodos. The second edition of this landmark text presents a broad survey of comparative vertebrate neuroanatomy at the introductory level, representing a unique contribution to the field of evolutionary neurobiology. It has been extensively revised and updated, with substantially improved figures and diagrams that are used generously throughout the text. Through analysis of the variation in brain structure and function between major groups of vertebrates, readers can gain insight into the evolutionary history of the nervous system. The text is divided into three sections: Introduction to evolution and variation, including a survey of cell structure, embryological development, and anatomical organization of the central nervous system; phylogeny and diversity of brain structures; and an overview of various theories of brain evolution. It provides: systematic, comprehensive survey of comparative neuroanatomy across all major groups of vertebrates; and, an overview of vertebrate brain evolution, which integrates the complete text, highlights diversity and common themes, broadens perspective by a comparison with brain structure and evolution of invertebrate brains, and considers recent data and theories of the evolutionary origin of the brain in the earliest vertebrates, including a recently proposed model of the origin of the brain in the earliest vertebrates that has received strong support from newly discovered fossil evidence. Ample material drawn from the latest research has been integrated into the text and highlighted in special feature boxes, including recent views on homology, cranial nerve organization and evolution, the relatively large and elaborate brains of birds in correlation with their complex cognitive abilities, and the current debate on forebrain evolution across reptiles, birds, and mammals. "Comparative Vertebrate Neuroanatomy" is geared to upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in neuroanatomy, but anyone interested in the anatomy of the nervous system and how it corresponds to the way that animals function in the world will find this text fascinating.

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  • Preface. Acknowledgments. List of Boxes. PART ONE: EVOLUTION AND THE ORGANIZATION OF THE CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM. 1. Evolution and Variation. 2. Neurons and Sensory Receptors. 3. The Vertebrate Central Nervous System. 4. Vertebrate Phylogeny and Diversity in Brain Organization. 5. Evolution and Adaptation of the Brain, Behavior, and Intelligence. 6. Theories of Brain Evolution. PART TWO: THE SPNIAL CORD AND HINDBRAIN. 7. Overview of Spinal Cord and Hindbrain. 8. The Spinal Cord. 9. Segmental Organization of the Head, Brain, and Cranial Nerves. 10. Functional Organization of the Cranial Nerves. 11. Sensory Cranial Nerves of the Brainstem. 12. Motor Cranial Nerves. 13. The Reticular Formation. 14. The Cerebellum. PART THREE: THE MIDBRAIN. 15. Overview of the Midbrain. 16. Isthmus. 17. Tegmentum and Tori. 18. Optic Tectum. PART FOUR: THE FOREBRAIN: DIENCEPHALON. 19. Overview of the Forebrain. 20. Pretectum. Accessory Optic System, and Migrated Posterior Tuberculum. 21. Epithalamus. 22. Dorsal Thalamus. 23. The Visceral Brain: The Hypothalamus and the Autonomic Nervous System. PART FIVE: THE FOREBRAIN: TELENCEPHALON. 24. Basal Telencephalon. 25. Nonlimbic Pallium. 26. Visual Forebrain in Amniotes. 27. Somatosensory and Motor Forebrain in Amniotes. 28. Auditory and Vocal Forebrain Amniotes. 29. Terminal Nerve and Olfactory Forebrain. 30. Limbic Telencephalon. PART SIX: CONCLUSION. 31. Evolution of Brains: A Bilaterian View. Appendix: Terms Used in Neuroanatomy. Glossary. Index.

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書名 Comparative vertebrate neuroanatomy : evolution and adaptation
著作者等 Butler, Ann B.
Hodos, William
出版元 Wiley
刊行年月 c2005
版表示 2nd ed
ページ数 xxi, 715 p.
大きさ 29 cm
ISBN 9780471210054
NCID BA74602921
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言語 英語
出版国 アメリカ合衆国