Assessment and Treatment of Sex Offenders : A Handbook

Edited by Beech, Anthony R.; Edited by Craig, Leam A.; Edited by Browne, Kevin D.

A comprehensive resource for practitioners working with sexual offenders. Discusses assessments and interventions, as well as providing a comprehensive literature review There are around 10,000 convictions or cautions for sexual offences in the UK each year; early evidence suggests that treatment programmes can halve re-conviction rates Edited by a University of Birmingham team who are world leaders in researching this area; the subject is of interest worldwide, with strong markets in Canada and New Zealand Includes material on managing offenders with developmental disabilities and those with Dangerous and Severe Personality Disorder

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  • About the Editors. List of Contributors. Foreword. INTRODUCTION. 1. Overview ( Anthony R. Beech, Leam A. Craig and Kevin D. Browne). 2. Attachment Problems and Sex Offending ( Jackie Craissati). PART ONE: RISK ASSESSMENT. 3. Factors Associated with Sexual Recidivism ( Franca Cortoni). 4. The Predictive Accuracy of Risk Factors and Frameworks ( Leam A. Craig, Anthony R. Beech and Leigh Harkins). PART TWO: APPROACHES TO OFFENDER ASSESSMENT. 5. Sex Offender Risk-Based Case Formulation ( Douglas P. Boer, Jo Thakker and Tony Ward). 6. Psychometric Assessment of Sexual Deviance ( Leam A. Craig and Anthony R. Beech). 7. Measuring Sexual Deviance: Attention-Based Measures ( Carmen L.Z. Gress and D. Richard Laws). 8. The Standardisation of Phallometry ( Yolanda Fernandez). 9. Using the Polygraph to Manage Risk in Sex Offenders ( Don Grubin). 10. Assessment of Sexual Addiction ( Liam E. Marshall and Matt D. O'Brien). PART THREE: ASSESSMENTS FOR SPECIFIC POPULATIONS. 11. Decision Making During the Offending Process: An Assessment Among Subtypes of Sexual Aggressors of Women ( Jean Proulx and Eric Beauregard). 12. Internet Sex Offenders ( David Middleton). 13. The Assessment of Treatment-Related Issues and Risk in Sex Offenders and Abusers with Intellectual Disability ( William R. Lindsay and John L. Taylor). 14. The Peaks: Assessing Sex Offenders in a Dangerous and Severe Personality Disorders Unit ( Todd E. Hogue). 15. Predicting Risk of Sexual Recidivism in Juveniles: Predictive Validity of the J-SOAP-II ( Robert A. Prentky, Ann Pimental, Deborah J. Cavanaugh and Sue Righthand). PART FOUR: INTERVENTIONS. 16. Models of Offender Rehabilitation: The Good Lives Model and the Risk-Need-Responsivity Model ( Tony Ward, Rachael M. Collie and Patrice Bourke). 17. Modifying Sexual Preferences ( William. L. Marshall, Matt D. O'Brien and Liam E. Marshall). 18. Advances in the Treatment of Adult Incarcerated Sex Offenders ( Ruth E. Mann and William L. Marshall). 19. A Community Residential Treatment Approach for Sexual Abusers: A Description of the Lucy Faithfull Foundation's Wolvercote Clinic and Related Projects ( Hilary Eldridge and Donald Findlater). PART FIVE: ISSUES/INTERVENTIONS FOR SPECIFIC POPULATIONS. 20. Treatment for Men with Intellectual Disabilities and Sexually Abusive Behaviour ( Glynis Murphy and Neil Sinclair). 21. Interventions with Sex Offenders with Mental Illness ( Tanya Garrett and Brian Thomas-Peter). 22. Working with Sex Offenders with Personality Disorder Diagnoses ( Lawrence Jones). 23. Understanding the Complexities and Needs of Adolescent Sex Offenders ( Phil Rich). 24. Multisystemic Therapy for Youth with Problem Sexual Behaviors ( Elizabeth J. Letourneau, Charles M. Borduin and Cindy M. Schaeffer). 25. Female Sex Offenders: Issues and Considerations in Working with this Population ( Hannah J. Ford). PART SIX: POLICY AND PRACTICE. 26. Working to Prevent Sexual Abuse in the Family ( Kevin D. Browne). 27. Police Work with Sex Offenders: Detection, Management and Assessment ( Kevin D. Browne). 28. Community Strategies for Managing High-Risk Offenders: The Contribution of Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements ( Hazel Kemshall and Jason Wood). 29. Actuarial Risk Assessments in USA Courtrooms ( Dennis M. Doren). Index .

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書名 Assessment and Treatment of Sex Offenders : A Handbook
著作者等 Browne, Kevin D.
Craig, Leam A.
Beech, Anthony R.
書名別名 A Handbook
出版元 Wiley-Blackwell (an imprint of John Wiley & Sons Ltd)
刊行年月 2009.03.27
ページ数 612p
大きさ H243 x W172
ISBN 9780470019009
言語 英語
出版国 イギリス