Agile software development : principles, patterns, and practices

Robert Cecil Martin

Written by a software developer for software developers, this book is a unique collection of the latest software development methods. The author includes OOD, UML, Design Patterns, Agile and XP methods with a detailed description of a complete software design for reusable programs in C++ and Java. Using a practical, problem-solving approach, it shows how to develop an object-oriented application--from the early stages of analysis, through the low-level design and into the implementation. Walks readers through the designer's thoughts -- showing the errors, blind alleys, and creative insights that occur throughout the software design process. The book covers: Statics and Dynamics; Principles of Class Design; Complexity Management; Principles of Package Design; Analysis and Design; Patterns and Paradigm Crossings. Explains the principles of OOD, one by one, and then demonstrates them with numerous examples, completely worked-through designs, and case studies. Covers traps, pitfalls, and work arounds in the application of C++ and OOD and then shows how Agile methods can be used. Discusses the methods for designing and developing big software in detail.Features a three-chapter, in-depth, single case study of a building security system. For Software Engineers, Programmers, and Analysts who want to understand how to design object oriented software with state of the art methods.

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  • I. AGILE DEVELOPMENT. 1. Agile Practices. 2. Overview of Extreme Programming. 3. Planning. 4. Testing. 5. Refactoring. 6. A Programming Episode. II. AGILE DESIGN. 7. What Is Agile Design? 8. SRP: The Single-Responsibility Principle. 9. OCP: The Open-Closed Principle. 10. LSP: The Liskov Substitution Principle. 11. DIP: The Dependency-Inversion Principle. 12. ISP: The Interface-Segregation Principle. III. THE PAYROLL CASE STUDY. 13. Command and Active Object. 14. Template Method & Strategy: Inheritance vs. Delegation. 15. Facade and Mediator. 16. Singleton and Monostate. 17. Null Object. 18. The Payroll Case Study: Iteration One Begins. 19. The Payroll Case Study: Implementation. IV. PACKAGING THE PAYROLL SYSTEM. 20. Principles of Package Design. 21. Factory. 22. The Payroll Case Study (Part 2). V. THE WEATHER STATION CASE STUDY. 23. Composite. 24. Observer--Backing into a Pattern. 25. Abstract Server, Adapter, and Bridge. 26. Proxy and Stairway to Heaven: Managing Third Party APIs. 27. Case Study: Weather Station. VI. THE ETS CASE STUDY. 28. Visitor. 29. State. 30. The ETS Framework. Appendix A. UML Notation I: The CGI Example. Appendix B. UML Notation II: The Statmux. Appendix C. A Satire of Two Companies. Appendix D. The Source Code Is the Design. Index.

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書名 Agile software development : principles, patterns, and practices
著作者等 Martin, Robert C
シリーズ名 Alan Apt series
出版元 Pearson Education
刊行年月 c2003
ページ数 xxii, 529 p.
大きさ 26 cm
ISBN 0135974445
NCID BA65226126
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言語 英語
出版国 アメリカ合衆国