C[*]-algebras and W[*]-algebras

Shôichirô Sakai

From the reviews: "This book is an excellent and comprehensive survey of the theory of von Neumann algebras. It includes all the fundamental results of the subject, and is a valuable reference for both the beginner and the expert." Mathematical Reviews

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  • 1. General Theory.- 1.1. Definitions of C*-Algebras and W*-Algebras.- 1.2. Commutative C*-Algebras.- 1.3. Stonean Spaces.- 1.4. Positive Elements of a C*-Algebra.- 1.5. Positive Linear Functionals on a C*-Algebra.- 1.6. Extreme Points in the Unit Sphere of a C*-Algebra.- 1.7. The Weak Topology on a W*-Algebra.- 1.8. Various Topologies on a W*-Algebra.- 1.9. Kaplansky's Density Theorem.- 1.10. Ideals in a W*-Algebra.- 1.11. Spectral Resolution of Self-Adjoint Elements in a W*-Algebra.- 1.12. The Polar Decomposition of Elements of a W*-Algebra.- 1.13. Linear Functionals on a W*-Algebra.- 1.14. Polar Decomposition of Linear Functionals on a W*-Algebra.- 1.15. Concrete C*-Algebras and W*-Algebras.- 1.16. The Representation Theorems for C*-Algebras and W*- Algebras.- 1.17. The Second Dual of a C*-Algebra.- 1.18. Commutative W*-Algebras.- 1.19. The C*-Algebra C(?) of all Compact Linear Operators on a Hilbert Space ?.- 1.20. The Commutation Theorem of von Neumann.- 1.21. *-Representations of C*-Algebras, 1.- 1.22. Tensor Products of C*-Algebras and W*-Algebras.- 1.23. The Inductive Limit and Infinite Tensor Product of C*- Algebras.- 1.24. Radon-Nikodym Theorems in W*-Algebras.- 2. Classification of W*-Algebras.- 2.1. Equivalence of Projections and the Comparability Theorem.- 2.2. Classification of W*-Algebras.- 2.3. Type I W*-Algebras.- 2.4. Finite W*-Algebras.- 2.5. Traces and Criterions of Types.- 2.6. Types of Tensor Products of W*-Algebras.- 2.7. *-Representations of C*-Algebras and W*-Algebras, 2.- 2.8. The Commutation Theorem of Tensor Products.- 2.9. Spatial Isomorphisms of W*-Algebras.- 3. Decomposition Theory.- 3.1. Decompositions of States (Non-Separable Cases).- 3.2. Reduction Theory (Space-Free).- 3.3. Direct Integral of Hilbert Spaces.- 3.4. Decomposition of States (Separable Cases).- 3.5. Central Decomposition of States (Separable Cases).- 4. Special Topics.- 4.1. Derivations and Automorphisms of C*-Algebras and W*-Algebras.- 4.2. Examples of Factors, 1 (General Construction).- 4.3. Examples of Factors, 2 (Uncountable Families of Types II 1, II? and III.- 4.4. Examples of Factors, 3 (Other Results and Problems).- 4.5. Global W*-Algebras (Non-Factors).- 4.6. Type I C*-Algebras.- 4.7. On a Stone-Weierstrass Theorem for C*-Algebras.- List of Symbols.

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書名 C[*]-algebras and W[*]-algebras
著作者等 境 正一郎
Sakai Shoichiro (Nihon University Tokyo Japan)
シリーズ名 Classics in mathematics
出版元 Springer
刊行年月 c1998
版表示 Reprint of the 1st ed
ページ数 xii, 256 p.
大きさ 24 cm
ISBN 3540636331
NCID BA33991684
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言語 英語
出版国 ドイツ