Semiconductors-basic data

Otfried Madelung (editor)

The large handbooks in physics, chemistry and other disciplines contain data needed every day as well as additional equally important data needed only at longer time intervals. This volume contains the basic data and a full list of contents of the respective Landolt-Bornstein volumes from which the data were drawn. Hence the user is informed what additional information is held at his disposal in the more complete handbooks, i.e. this volume provides a bridge from the laboratory to the library. It contains data and further information about semiconducting substances.

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  • A Introduction.- 1 General remarks.- 2 The corresponding Landolt-Bornstein volumes.- 3 Physical quantities tabulated in this volume.- B Physical data.- 1 Elements of the IVth group and IV-IV compounds.- 1.1 Diamond (C).- 1.2 Silicon (Si).- 1.3 Germanium (Ge).- 1.4 Grey tin (a-Sn).- 1.5 Silicon carbide (SiC).- 1.6 Silicon germanium alloys (SixGe1-x).- 2 III-V compounds.- 2.1 Boron nitride (BN).- 2.2 Boron phosphide (BP).- 2.3 Boron arsenide (BAs).- 2.4 Aluminium nitride (AlN).- 2.5 Aluminium phosphide (AlP).- 2.6 Aluminium arsenide (AlAs).- 2.7 Aluminium antimonide (AlSb).- 2.8 Gallium nitride (GaN).- 2.9 Gallium phosphide (GaP).- 2.10 Gallium arsenide (GaAs).- 2.11 Gallium antimonide (GaSb).- 2.12 Indium nitride (InN).- 2.13 Indium phosphide (InP).- 2.14 Indium arsenide (InAs).- 2.15 Indium antimonide (InSb).- 2.16 Ternary and quaternary alloys between III-V compounds.- 3 Elements (other than group IV elements).- 3.1 Group III elements.- 3.2 Group IV elements see chapter.- 3.3 Group V elements.- 3.4 Group VI elements.- 4 Binary compounds (other than III-V compounds).- 4.1 IA-IB compounds.- 4.2 Ix-Vy compounds.- 4.2.1 I-V compounds.- 4.2.2 I3-V compounds.- 4.2.3 I2-I-V compounds.- 4.3 Ix-VIy compounds.- 4.4 I-VII compounds.- 4.5 IIx-IVy compounds.- 4.5.1 II2-IV compounds.- 4.5.2 II-IV2 compounds.- 4.6 IIx-Vy compounds.- 4.6.1 II3-V2 compounds.- 4.6.2 II4-V3 compounds.- 4.6.3 II-V compounds.- 4.6.4 II-V2 compounds.- 4.6.5 II-V4 compounds.- 4.6.6 Further II-V compounds.- 4.7 II-VI compounds.- 4.7.1 IIA-VIB compounds.- 4.7.2 Zinc chalcogenides.- 4.7.3 Cadmium chalcogenides.- 4.7.4 Mercury chalcogenides.- 4.8 II-VII2 compounds.- 4.9 III-V compounds see chapter.- 4.10 IIIx-VIy compounds.- 4.10.1 III-VI compounds.- 4.10.2 III2-VI3 compounds.- 4.10.3 Further IIIx-VIy compounds.- 4.10.4 III-III-VI compounds.- 4.11 III-VII compounds.- 4.12 IVx-Vy compounds.- 4.12.1 IV-V compounds.- 4.12.2 IV-V2 compounds.- 4.13 IVx-VIy compounds.- 4.13.1 IV-VI compounds.- 4.13.2 IV-VI2 compounds.- 4.13.3 IV2-VI3 compounds.- 4.14 IV-VII2 compounds.- 4.15 Vx-VIy compounds.- 4.16 V-VII3 compounds.- 5 Ternary compounds.- 5.1 Tetrahedrally bonded ternary and quasi-binary compounds.- 5.1.1 III2-VI3 compounds.- 5.1.2 I-III-VI2 compounds.- 5.1.3 II-IV-V2 compounds.- 5.1.4 I2-IV-V3 compounds.- 5.1.5 I2-V-VI4 compounds.- 5.1.6 II-III2-VI4 compounds.- 5.1.7 Other ordered vacancy compounds.- 5.1.8 Quaternary compounds.- 5.2 Further ternary compounds.- 5.2.1 Ix-IVy-VIz compounds.- 5.2.2 Ix-Vy-VIz compounds.- 5.2.3 IIx-IIIy-VIz compounds.- 5.2.4 IIIx-Vy-VIz compounds.- 5.2.5 IVx-Vy-VIz compounds.- 5.2.6 V-VI-VII compounds.- 5.2.7 Other ternary compounds.- 6 Further compounds with semiconducting properties.- 6.1 Boron compounds.- 6.2 Binary transition metal compounds.- 6.2.1 Compounds with elements of the IVth group.- 6.2.2 Compounds with elements of the Vth group.- 6.2.3 Oxides.- 6.2.4 Chalcogenides.- 6.3 Binary rare earth compounds.- 6.4 Ternary transition metal compounds.- 6.4.1 Pnigochalcogenides.- 6.4.2 Spinels and related compounds.- 6.4.3 Oxides.- 6.4.4 Further chalcogenides.- 6.5 Ternary rare earth compounds.- 7 Figures to chapters 3, 4 and 5.- 1 Index of Substances.- 2 Synopsis of the sections of this book and the corresponding sections of volumes III/17, III/22 and III/23a of the New Series of Landolt-Bornstein.- 3 Contents of the volumes of the New Series of Landolt-Bornstein dealing with semiconductors.

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書名 Semiconductors-basic data
著作者等 Madelung, O.
Madelung Otfried
出版元 Springer
刊行年月 1996
版表示 2nd rev. ed
ページ数 317 p.
大きさ 28 cm
ISBN 3540608834
NCID BA27586976
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言語 英語
出版国 ドイツ