Tabletten, Tropfen Und Tinkturen

Edited by Koolman, Jan; Edited by Rohm, Klaus-Heinrich; Edited by Maser, Edmund; Edited by Bartels, Cornelia; By (author) Rohm, K.H.; Edited by Gollner, Heike

Soothing pain is a concern as old as mankind itself. Whether toothache, gout or heart problems - this book provides entertainingly told and well-illustrated information on all serious and imagined illnesses.

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  • Tablets, Drops and Tinctures - General Pharmacology Ouch, my Tooth Hurts - How do Painkillers work? Sound Asleep - Narcosis and Local Anesthetics Ouch, my Leg Hurts - Treating Gout, Rheumatism and Arthritis Small but Powerful - Antibiotics Fleming and a Chance Discovery - the Story of Penicillin Sand in the Bacterial Works - Transcription and Translation Blockers Well Hidden and Hard to Grasp - How do we Fight Viruses? Atchoo! Gesundheit! - Fighting the Common Cold Take it to Heart - Cardio Treatments Too Much of a Good Thing - How to Lower Blood Pressure Stay Liquid - Clotting Blockers The Problem with Sugar - Treating Diabetes Mellitus Diseases of the Rich - Increased Blood Fats Chemistry vs. Cancer - Medicine to Combat Tumors Overreactions - Allergies and their Treatment Disturbed Communication - How to Deal with Neurological Disorders Better than Counting Sheep? - Sleeping Pills and Tranquilizers Plaster for the Soul - Psycho Pharmaceuticals Fleeing Everyday Life - Hallucinatory Drugs As Long as it Works - Placebos Bon Appetit - Means of Controlling Digestion A Little More? - Means of Increasing Potency Are you on the Pill? - Hormonal Contraception Citius, Altius, Fortius? - Vitamins, Fortifiers and Doping Drugs Naturally Natural? - The Sense and Nonsense Surrounding Herbal Remedies Stay Clean - How to Fend Off the Competition For Skin and Hair - Means of Body Care

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書名 Tabletten, Tropfen Und Tinkturen
著作者等 Bartels, Cornelia
Gollner, Heike
Maser, Edmund
Rohm, K.H.
Rohm, Klaus-Heinrich
Koolman, Jan
シリーズ名 Erlebnis Wissenschaft
出版元 Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH
刊行年月 2005.05.24
ページ数 473p
大きさ H219 x W188
ISBN 9783527302635
言語 ドイツ語
出版国 ドイツ