Soviet/Russian Aircraft Weapons : Since World War Two

By (author) Gordon, Yefim

Weapons design is as crucial an aspect of a combat aircraft's development as the work of the airframers or propulsion specialists. Soviet and Russian combat aircraft generally have a well-earned reputation as capable fighting machines - a reputation due in no small part to the punch they pack. This new book examines the development of different classes of weapons carried by Soviet/Russian aircraft. One chapter is devoted to cannons, while others deal with missiles developed by various design bureaux, including the now-famous Vympel, Raduga and Zvezda companies - air-to-air missiles, covering the period from the very basic RS-1-US of the early 1960s to the latest 'fire and forget' R-77 (RVV-AE) featuring active radar homing, and air-to-surface missiles from the Mikoyan KS-1 anti-shipping missile of the mid-1950s to 'smart weapons' of today, such as the laser-guided Raduga Kh-29L and TV-guided Kh-29T. Due attention is also paid to unguided rockets, bombs (including guided bombs) and assorted gun pods, submunitions dispensers and podded target designator/guidance systems associated with some of the air-to-ground munitions.

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書名 Soviet/Russian Aircraft Weapons : Since World War Two
著作者等 Gordon, Yefim
書名別名 Since World War Two
出版元 Midland Publishing
刊行年月 2004.12.16
ページ数 192p
大きさ H282 x W213
ISBN 9781857801880
言語 英語
出版国 イギリス