Byzantine Armies 1118-1461 AD

By (author) Heath, Ian; Illustrated by McBride, Angus

The Byzantine Empire's disastrous defeat by the Seljuk Turks at Manzikert in 1071 effectively marked the end of what is often described as the 'middle' period of Byzantine history. Thereafter, surrounded on all sides by younger, more vigorous nations, the once all-powerful Empire slipped into a steady decline which, ultimately, was to prove terminal. However, the Empire's demise was anything but peaceful, and, one way or another, for much of the last four centuries of its existence it was to find itself in a state of virtually constant war. This book examines the fascinating history of the Byzantine Empire and its armies from 1118-1461 AD.

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書名 Byzantine Armies 1118-1461 AD
著作者等 McBride, Angus
Heath, Ian
シリーズ名 Men-at-arms No. 287
出版元 Osprey Publishing
刊行年月 1995.11.13
ページ数 48p
大きさ H250 x W185
ISBN 9781855323476
言語 英語
出版国 イギリス