Hinduism : a short history

Klaus K. Klostermaier

The history of the Hindu tradition is captured by Kalus K. Klostermaier in this new survey of a rich and ancient religion. This study moves swiftly but thoroughly through the ages, from early emergence of the Vedic tradition to the developments in contemporary Hinduism. Factual information is balanced with discussion of such problematic areas as the true origins of Hinduism and the controversy of the Aryan invasion. Other features include: full coverage of all the major branches within the religion, and their origins; the role of philosophical reflection in the development of Hinduism; the future of Hinduism; a quick-reference chronology, bibliography and extensive glossary. This guide to the development of a major religion should be of interest to those interested in the subject, from gradates to the curious general reader, and can be used as a companion volume to "Hinduism - a short introduction".

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  • Introduction - what is Hinduism? the meaning of "history", a history of Hinduism? problems in constructing a historic schema of Hinduism, attempting a periodisation of Indian history, basic Hindu source literature
  • a short history of two cities - a microcosm of Hinduism - Mathura, Varanasi
  • the beginnings of Hinduism 0 a controversy - the Aryan invasion theory, debunking the Aryan invasion theory, new chronologies, old versus new, or scientists versus philologists? the Rgveda - a code? India, the cradle of civilisation? a crown witness for the new chronology? a short history of Vedic religion - the Rgveda and its interpreters, the Vedic Indra religion, Purva Mimamsa - orthodox Vedic exegesis, the continuity of Vedic religion
  • a short history of Vaisnavism -the development of Visnu mythology, the development of Vaisnava philosophy, Vaisnava worship and devotion, Vaisnavism today
  • a short history of Saivism - the development of Siva mythology, Siva schools of thought, Siva images and worship, contemporary developments in Saivism
  • a short history of Saktism - the development of Devi mythology, Devi worship and iconography, Sakta philosophy, Saktism today
  • Smartas - traditional Hindu universalists
  • a short history of Hindu philosophy - Nyaya-Vaisesika, Samkhya-Yoga, Purva and Uttara Mimamsa, Hindu philosophy today
  • a short history of modern Hinduism - beginnings of modernity in India, Hindu reactions to Christian missions, Hinduism after independence, Hindu teachers going west, Hinduism present and future.

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書名 Hinduism : a short history
著作者等 Klostermaier, Klaus K.
出版元 Oneworld
刊行年月 c2000
ページ数 x, 342 p.
大きさ H225 x W146
ISBN 1851682139
NCID BA53276138
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言語 英語
出版国 イギリス