Tannenberg 1410 : Disaster for the Teutonic Knights

By (author) Turnbull, Stephen; Illustrated by Hook, Richard

By 1400 the long running conflict between the Teutonic Knights and the Polish-Lithuanian kingdom was coming to a head. In June 1410 Ladislos II of Lithuania invaded the Order's territory with an army of 10,000. It included many of the Teutonic Knights enemies - Poles, Lithuanians, Russians, Tartars and Cossacks. The armies clashed on the rolling hills of Tannenberg, although neither side could gain any decisive advantage. The Hochmeister then led his remaining reserve against the Lithuanian King's contingent in an attempt to pierce the enemy line. His charge failed and he and many of the Order's leading officer's were surrounded and killed. The Teutonic Knights never recovered from this disastrous defeat, which marked the beginning of a terminal decline in this once great Order.

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  • Introduction - Chronology - Opposing Commanders - Opposing Armies - Opposing Plans - The Tannenberg/Grunwald Campaign - Aftermath - The Battlefield Today - Bibliography - Index

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書名 Tannenberg 1410 : Disaster for the Teutonic Knights
著作者等 Hook, Richard
Turnbull, Stephen
書名別名 Disaster for the Teutonic Knights
シリーズ名 Osprey Campaign S. No.122
出版元 Osprey Publishing
刊行年月 2003.05.30
ページ数 96p
大きさ H248 x W184
ISBN 9781841765617
言語 英語
出版国 イギリス