Food Ethics

By (author) Pojman, Paul; By (author) Pojman, Louis P.

Now, perhaps more than ever before, we are aware of the ethical choices we make each time we eat. This anthology explores issues such as genetically modified foods, animal rights, population and consumption, pollution, centralized versus local production, vegetarianism and more. The twenty one readings that make up this volume bring together a diverse group of voices. It includes introductions and study questions that help you to prepare for reflection and discussion on these significant and noteworthy issues.

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  • 1. INTRODUCTION. David M. Kaplan: Food Ethics. 2. ANIMAL RIGHTS. Immanuel Kant: Rational Beings Alone Have Moral Worth. Holly Wilson: Kant's Treatment of Animals. Peter Singer: A Utilitarian Defense of Animal Liberation. Tom Regan: The Radical Egalitarian Case for Animal Rights. Mary Ann Warren: A Critique of Regan's Rights Theory. 3. POPULATION AND CONSUMPTION. Bill McKibben: A Special Moment in History: The Challenge of Overpopulation and Overconsumption. Garrett Hardin: The Tragedy of the Commons. Jacqueline Kasun: The Unjust War against Population. Garrett Hardin: Lifeboat Ethics. William Murdoch and Allan Oaten: Population and Food: A Critique of Lifeboat Ethics. 4. POLLUTION: SOIL, AIR, WATER. Hilary French: You Are What You Breathe. George Bradford: We All Live in Bhopal. William F. Baxter: People or Penguins: The Case for Optimal Pollution. David Pimentel: Is Silent Spring Beyond Us? 5. FOOD ETHICS. Mylan Engel, Jr: Hunger, Duty and Ecology: On What We Owe Starving Human Beings Tristram Coffim, The World Food Supply: The Damage Done by Cattle-Raising Michael Fox, Vegetarianism and Planetary Health. Jonathan Rauch Can Frankenfood Save the Planet? Mae Ho, Unholy Alliance: Critiques of Genetically Modified Foods. The ETC Report, The Poor can Feed Themselves.

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書名 Food Ethics
著作者等 Pojman, Louis P.
Pojman, Paul
出版元 Wadsworth Publishing Co Inc
刊行年月 2011.01.31
ページ数 208p
大きさ H231 x W185
ISBN 9781111772307
言語 英語
出版国 アメリカ合衆国