Ecologies of Human Flourishing

Edited by Swearer, Donald K.; Edited by McGarry, Susan Lloyd; Contributions by Bloomfield, Steven B.; Contributions by Buell, Lawrence; Contributions by Eck, Diana L.; Contributions by Farmer, Paul; Contributions by Hanna, Bridget; Contributions by Kleinman, Arthur; Contributions by McFague, Sallie; Contributions by McKibben, Bill

Prominent Buddhist scholar Donald Swearer posits that the future requires a radical shift toward living in recognition of the interdependence of all life forms and the consequent ethic of communality and a lifestyle of moderation or 'enoughness' that flows from that recognition, which he calls 'an ecology of human flourishing'. In this volume, Swearer has assembled world-class thinkers to explore and imagine several dimensions of an ecology of human flourishing: economic, sociological, religious, ethical, environmental, historical, and literary. The essays of this title address how notions of human flourishing, quality of life, and common good have been constructed and, in the contemporary world, how they are illuminated or are challenged by issues of distributive justice, poverty and economic inequality, global health, and environmental sustainability. With contributors ranging from ecoactivist Bill McKibben and medical anthropologist Arthur Kleinman to transformative theologian Sallie McFague and Malaysian critic of global injustice Chandra Muzzafar, the book provides ethical and religious aspirations to remake the world in the midst of the contradictions, injustices, and problems of our daily lives and today's global crises.

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書名 Ecologies of Human Flourishing
著作者等 Bloomfield, Steven B.
Buell, Lawrence
Eck, Diana L.
Farmer, Paul
Hanna, Bridget
Kleinman, Arthur
McFague, Sallie
McGarry, Susan Lloyd
McKibben, Bill
Swearer, Donald K.
シリーズ名 Religions of the World and Ecology
出版元 Harvard University, Center for the Study of World Religions
刊行年月 2011.09.02
ページ数 230p
大きさ H217 x W140
ISBN 9780945454458
言語 英語
出版国 アメリカ合衆国