The Feminist Case against Bureaucracy

By (author) Ferguson, Kathy E.

Like it or not, all of us who live in modern society are organization men and women. We tend to be caught in the traditional patterns of dominance and subordination. This book is both pessimistic and hopeful. With devastating thoroughness, the author shows how pervasive these patterns of relationship are in our work lives and personal lives, and how deep they run - into the very language of the organization and of ordinary life. This is not a book about how women can succeed in business, but a criticism of books like those success manuals and notions like that idea of success. The author sees bureaucrats and clients as the "second sex." To fit in properly, they just learn the skills necessary to cope with subordinate status, skills that women have always learned as part of their "femininity." Liberal reforms - placing more women in management positions, for example - are not enough. What is required is the emergence of an alternative voice, one grounded in the experience and perceptions of women, that will challenge the patterns of control found in every aspect of modern life. Public discourse today is not the language of women even when women speak it. In this brilliant synthesis of the feminist literature and the literature on organizational theory and practice, the author suggests how a feminist discourse could interject into public debate a reformulation of the basic political questions of power, reason, and organization and thereby legitimate a concern of both autonomy and community. In the face of the massive incursions of bureaucracy into daily life, this is an important contribution to the project of human liberation. Author note: Kathy E. Ferguson is Associate Professor of Political Science at Siena College.

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書名 The Feminist Case against Bureaucracy
著作者等 Ferguson, Kathy E.
シリーズ名 Women in the Political Economy
出版元 Temple University Press,U.S.
刊行年月 1985.06.01
ページ数 304p
大きさ H216 x W146
ISBN 9780877224006
言語 英語
出版国 アメリカ合衆国