Elements of the p block

edited by Charlie Harding, Rob Janes and David Johnson

Presenting a systematic approach to the chemistry of the p Block elements and hydrogen, this book also introduces some basic topics concerning chemical bonding, such as oxidation numbers, bond strengths, dipole moments and intermolecular forces. The chemistry is illustrated by coverage of the biological role of nitric oxide and of hydrogen bonding, and the new chemistry of carbon nanotubes. Applied aspects of the topic are developed in the two Case Studies, which examine the causes and prevention of acid rain and the inorganic chemical industry. The accompanying CD-ROMs cover silicate mineral structures, the inert pair effect and a database of chemical reactions of the p Block elements. The Molecular World series provides an integrated introduction to all branches of chemistry for both students wishing to specialise and those wishing to gain a broad understanding of chemistry and its relevance to the everyday world and to other areas of science. The books, with their Case Studies and accompanying multi-media interactive CD-ROMs, will also provide valuable resource material for teachers and lecturers. (The CD-ROMs are designed for use on a PC running Windows 95, 98, ME or 2000.)

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  • Introduction
  • Oxidation and Reduction
  • Defining Acids and Bases
  • Some Aspects of Chemical Bonding
  • The Chemistry of Hydrogen
  • GroupVII/17: Halogens and Halides
  • Group VIII/18: The Noble Gases
  • General Observations on Second- and Third-Row Elements and Periodic Trends
  • The Group III/13 Elements
  • The Group IV/14 Elements
  • The Group V/15 Elements
  • The Group VI/16 Elements
  • The Typical Elements: A Summary of Trends in the Periodic Table
  • Case Study: Acid Rain: Sulfur and Power Generation
  • Case Study: Industrial Inorganic Chemistry

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書名 Elements of the p block
著作者等 Johnson, D. A.
Open University
Royal Society of Chemistry
Clark Giles
Harding C.J.
Janes Rob
Johnson D. A.
Smart Lesley E.
Harding Charlie
シリーズ名 The molecular world
出版元 Royal Society of Chemistry
刊行年月 2002
ページ数 305 p.
大きさ 27 cm.
付随資料 2 CD-ROMs
ISBN 0854046909
NCID BA59362775
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言語 英語
出版国 イギリス