Sexual Deceit : The Ethics of Passing

By (author) Harrison, Kelby

Sexual Deceit is an extended ethical analysis of the phenomenon of sexual identity passing - i.e. socially presenting as X, when one understands oneself as Y, where the variables represent any contemporary sexual identity - alongside identity passing in the contexts of race, gender, and briefly, religion and class. The analysis of passing utilizes and challenges traditional moral understandings of identity falsification, complicating our understandings of moral obligations under systemic oppression. Tracing the intervention of social construction theory on contemporary political understandings of LGBT communities and activism, Sexual Deceit argues against social construction models of identity - notably performativity, promulgated by the work of Judith Butler and consumed and repeated by many scholars and theory educated queer people. A new model of identity is constructed, based on a phenomenological concept of style that provides for a socially adjustable yet rooted notion of sexual identity. The ethical implications of sexual identity passing are considered in the context of eschatological images of social justice and within practical matters such as military service, leadership, and sexual harassment law.

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  • Introduction: Many Have Passed
  • Some Have Failed Chapter 1: Passing in Abstraction: The Theoretical Organization of Passing Chapter 2: The Good, The Bad, and The Oppressed: Ethical Considerations Chapter 3: Thoughtfully Produced Sexuality: Sexology and The Queer Academy Chapter 4: Those Shoes Look Pretty Gay, Or at Least Bi-Curious: Style and Sexual Identity Passing Chapter 5: Political Pervasity: Queer Sexuality and the Moral Majority Chapter 6: Practicing to Preach: Gayness as a Practical Identity Conclusion: Social and Legal Implications of Sexual Deceit Bibliography

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書名 Sexual Deceit : The Ethics of Passing
著作者等 Harrison, Kelby
書名別名 The Ethics of Passing
出版元 Lexington Books
刊行年月 2013.03.14
ページ数 230p
大きさ H233 x W159
ISBN 9780739177051
言語 英語
出版国 アメリカ合衆国