A carnival of revolution : Central Europe 1989

Padraic Kenney

This is the first history of the revolutions that toppled communism in Europe to look behind the scenes at the grassroots movements that made those revolutions happen. It looks for answers not in the salons of power brokers and famed intellectuals, not in decrepit economies - but in the whirlwind of activity that stirred so crucially, unstoppably, on the street. Melding his experience in Solidarity-era Poland with the sensibility of a historian, Padraic Kenney takes us into the hearts and minds of those revolutionaries across much of Central Europe who have since faded namelessly back into everyday life. This is a riveting story of musicians, artists, and guerrilla theater collectives subverting traditions and state power; a story of youthful social movements emerging in the 1980s in Poland, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and parts of Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union. Kenney argues that these movements were active well before glasnost. Some protested military or environmental policy. Others sought to revive national traditions or to help those at the margins of society. Many crossed forbidden borders to meet their counterparts in neighboring countries. They all conquered fear and apathy to bring people out into the streets. The result was a revolution unlike any other before: nonviolent, exuberant, even light-hearted, but also with a relentless political focus - a revolution that leapt from country to country in the exciting events of 1988 and 1989. "A Carnival of Revolution" resounds with the atmosphere of those turbulent years: the daring of new movements, the unpredictability of street demonstrations, and the hopes and regrets of the young participants. A vivid photo-essay complements engaging prose to fully capture the drama. Based on over two hundred interviews in twelve countries, and drawing on samizdat and other writings in six languages, this is among the most insightful and compelling accounts ever published of the historical milestone that ushered in our age.

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  • INTRODUCTION: Street Theater, Concrete Poetry 1 PART ONE: ACTORS, STAGES, REPERTOIRES 21 CHAPTER ONE: Eating the Crocodile with a Spoon, or, A Career Guide to the Underground 23 The Amnesty Trap Political Charity Church and Opposition The Workers' Dilemma Vents or Accumulators? CHAPTER TWO: Come With Us! They Aren't Beating Today! The Art of the Blizzard 57 The Ballad of Marek Adamkiewicz Conservative Pacism, Anarchist Nationalism Ideals and Instruments "Radiators" across the Bloc Zarnobyl The Blue and the Green Bratislava Speaks Up "I'd Rather Live" In the Future Tense CHAPTER THREE: As If in Europe: The International World of Peace and Human Rights 91 Reticence and Revolutionary Tourism Dialogue for an Endangered Continent Helsinki from Below On the Friendship Trail Borders Fall in East Germany Coventry Cathedral and the Church on Zytnia Street CHAPTER FOUR: The New Politics of the Konkretny Generation 121 A Shy Little Wave for Gorbachev The Lion Cubs of Western Ukraine Slovenia's People for Peace Culture Hungarian Orange Appeal Towards an Opposition in Prague Workers of the Last Hour CHAPTER FIVE: How the Smurfs Captured Gargamel, or, A Revolution of Style 157 The Elfn Rebellion Hippies in the Holy Garden The Young Subversive's Handbook Gloom in Krakow Pietia's Crusade Pornoslavia God, King, and Country in Bohemia To Become a Smurf PHOTOESSAY: PHOTOGRAPHING THE CARNIVAL 195 PART TWO: A REVOLUTION IN SIXTEEN SCENES 213 Scene One: "Blink, and I See Another World": The Candlelight March 215 Scene Two: A Tale of Two Lenins 217 Scene Three: Slovene Spring 225 Scene Four: Days That Shook Lviv 229 Scene Five: Strikes in Shades of Orange 233 Scene Six: An Invasion Remembered 238 Scene Seven: WaterDam/ned: Hungary Defends the Danube 241 Scene Eight: Independence Day and Palach Week 244 Scene Nine: Encircling the Round Table 249 Scene Ten: Mothers and Children 254 Scene Eleven: On the Fourth of June 257 Scene Twelve: Hungarians Bury the Communists 261 Scene Thirteen: Korzos and Road Races 265 Scene Fourteen: Lviv Passes the Baton 269 Scene Fifteen: The Mosquito and the Messedemos 274 Scene Sixteen: Bring a Flower with You! The Velvet Revolution 280 EPILOGUE: No More Picnics, After the Revolution 293 Jacob's Retreat Remembering 1989 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS 307 NOTES 311 SOURCES 323 INDEX 331

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書名 A carnival of revolution : Central Europe 1989
著作者等 Kenney, Padraic
出版元 Princeton University Press
刊行年月 2002
ページ数 viii, 341 p.
大きさ 24 cm
ISBN 069111627X
NCID BA57591498
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言語 英語
出版国 アメリカ合衆国