From early Rus' to 1689

edited by Maureen Perrie

This first volume of the Cambridge History of Russia covers the period from early ('Kievan') Rus' to the start of Peter the Great's reign in 1689. It surveys the development of Russia through the Mongol invasions to the expansion of the Muscovite state in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and deals with political, social, economic and cultural issues under the Riurikid and early Romanov rulers. The volume is organised on a primarily chronological basis, but a number of general themes are also addressed, including the bases of political legitimacy; law and society; the interactions of Russians and non-Russians; and the relationship of the state with the Orthodox Church. The international team of authors incorporates the latest Russian and Western scholarship and offers an authoritative new account of the formative 'pre-Petrine' period of Russian history, before the process of Europeanisation had made a significant impact on society and culture.

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  • 1. Introduction Maureen Perrie
  • 2. Russia's geographical environment Denis J. B. Shaw
  • Part I. Early Rus' and the Rise of Muscovy (c. 900-1462): 3. The origins of Rus' (c. 900-1015) Jonathan Shepard
  • 4. Kievan Rus' (1015-1125) Simon Franklin
  • 5. The Rus' principalities (1125-1246) Martin Dimnik
  • 6. North-eastern Russia and the Golden Horde (1246-1359) Janet Martin
  • 7. The emergence of Moscow (1359-1462) Janet Martin
  • 8. Medieval Novgorod V. L. Ianin
  • Part II. The Expansion, Consolidation and Crisis of Muscovy (1462-1613): 9. The growth of Muscovy (1462-1533) Donald Ostrowski
  • 10. Ivan IV (1533-84) Sergei Bogatyrev
  • 11. Fedor Ivanovich and Boris Godunov (1584-1605) A. P. Pavlov
  • 12. The peasantry Richard Hellie
  • 13. Towns and commerce Denis J. B. Shaw
  • 14. The non-Christian peoples on the Muscovite frontier Michael Khodarkovsky
  • 15. The Orthodox Church David B. Miller
  • 16. The law Richard Hellie
  • 17. Political ideas and rituals Michael S. Flier
  • 18. The Time of Troubles (1603-13) Maureen Perrie
  • Part III. Russia Under the First Romanovs (1613-89): 19. The central government and its institutions Marshall Poe
  • 20. Local government and administration Brian Davies
  • 21. Muscovy at war and peace Brian Davies
  • 22. Non-Russian subjects Michael Khodarkovsky
  • 23. The economy, trade and serfdom Richard Hellie
  • 24. Law and society Nancy Shields Kollmann
  • 25. Urban developments Denis J. B. Shaw
  • 26. Popular revolts Maureen Perrie
  • 27. The Orthodox Church and the Schism Robert O. Crummey
  • 28. Cultural and intellectual life Lindsey Hughes
  • Bibliography.

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書名 From early Rus' to 1689
著作者等 Perrie, Maureen
シリーズ名 The Cambridge history of Russia
出版元 Cambridge University Press
刊行年月 2006
ページ数 xxii, 777 p., [24] p. of plates
大きさ 24 cm
ISBN 9780521812276
NCID BA78720384
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言語 英語
出版国 イギリス