Modernizing Muscovy : reform and social change in seventeenth-century Russia

edited by Jarmo Kotilaine and Marshall Poe

The seventeenth century remains a much understudied and misunderstood period of Russian history. A collection of articles by 17 recognized authorities in Russian history, Modernizing Muscovy constitutes the first systematic analysis of key aspects of late Muscovite life ranging from political and economic issues to culture and self-perception. The book reveals how dramatic change permeated nearly all aspects of the Muscovite state and society during this pivotal era which marks the end of Russia's relative isolation in most key areas. It convincingly demonstrates that seventeenth-century Russia was a highly dynamic society, not the stagnant country still caught in the Middle Ages which has dominated Russian historiography to this day. Moreover, the various articles show that Peter the Great, who is customarily credited as being the "great reformer" in Russian history, was in fact able to build on a strong and established legacy of institutional and political innovation. Indeed, most of his reforms merely represent a continuation of policies adopted under his predecessors. Modernizing Muscovy will be of great interest to several kinds of readers. To the Russian historian, it will present new perspectives on a key era in the country's history and underscore the need to abandon the traditional periodicization of Russian history-writing. To the Europeanist and general historian, as well as interested members of the general public, it will serve as an encyclopedia of late Muscovite history, presenting a detailed portrait of an era which witnessed the beginning of Russia's transformation into one of the great world powers in of the world. The book will moreover, serve as a useful teaching tool. It is a long-overdue attempt to provide a complete analysis of late Muscovite history and its thorough analyses reveals the numerous weaknesses of the standard textbook approach. Peter Brown Paul Bushkovitch Nikos Chrissidis Debra Coulter Paul Dukes Richard Hellie Graeme Herd Lindsey Hughes Daniel H. Kaiser Jarmo Kotilaine Eve Levin Ja

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  • Introduction 1. Modernization in the Early Modern Context: The Case of Muscovy Jarmo Kotilaine and Marshall Poe Background 2. The Sixteenth-Century Background Janet Martin The State and its Servants 3. The Expanding Role of the State in Russia Richard Hellie 4. The Evolution of Bureaucratic Administration in Seventeenth-Century Russia Peter Brown 5. Modernization of Law in Seventeenth-Century Muscovy George Weickhardt 6. Absolutism and the New Men of Seventeenth-Century Russia Marshall Poe 7. The Assembly of the Land (Zemskii Sobor) as a Representative Institution Donald Ostrowski The Economy 8. Mercantilism in Pre-Petrine Russia Jarmo T. Kotilaine 9. Arel, The Archangel Trade, Empty State Coffers, and the Drive to Modernize: State Monopolization of Russian 10. Export Commodities under Mikhail Fedorovich Maria Solomen The Military and International Relations 11. Muscovy and the Thirty Years' War: Porshnev's Missing Link Paul Dukes 12. European Mercenary Officers in the Armies of Seventeenth-Century Muscovy: A Re-examination of the Modernization Model William M. Reger, IV 13. Modernizing the Military: Peter the Great and Military Reform Carol B. Stevens 14. The Musketeer's Rebellion of 1698: An Episode of Resistance to Late Muscovite Modernization Graeme Herd Religion and Culture 15. Church Reform and the White Clergy in Seventeenth-Century Russia Debra Coulter 16. The Patriarch's Rivals: Local Strongmen and the Limits of Church Reform During the Seventeenth-Century Georg Michels The Arts and Sciences 17. Secularization and Westernization Revisited: The Visual Arts in Seventeenth-Century Russia Lindsey Hughes 18. The Administration of Western Medicine in Seventeenth-Century Russia Eve Levin 19. A Jesuit Aristotle in Seventeenth-Century Russia: Cosmology and the Planetary System in the Slavo-Greek-Latin Academy Nikos Chrissidis Self and Society 20. Kollmann Society, Identity and Modernity in Seventeenth-Century Russia Nancy Shields 21. Discovering Individualism Among the Deceased: Gravestones in Early Modern Russia Daniel H. Kaiser Afterword 22. The Legacy of Seventeenth-Century Reform in Petrine Times Paul Bushkovitch

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書名 Modernizing Muscovy : reform and social change in seventeenth-century Russia
著作者等 Kotilaine, Jarmo
Poe, Marshall
Kotilane Jarmo
シリーズ名 RoutledgeCurzon studies on the history of Russia and Eastern Europe
出版元 RoutledgeCurzon
刊行年月 2004
ページ数 vi, 489 p.
大きさ 25 cm
ISBN 0415307511
NCID BA65293575
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言語 英語
出版国 イギリス