Feathered dragons : studies on the transition from dinosaurs to birds

Philip J. Currie ... [et al.], editors

Meat-eating theropod dinosaurs had been recognized as potential ancestors of birds ever since the Nineteenth Century. But the remains of these animals were rare, usually incomplete and often poorly preserved. A revolution began in 1964 with the discovery of Deinonychus revealed startling similarities between dinosaurs and birds. With each new small theropod discovery, the ties became stronger, until the discovery of Sinosauropteryx - a dinosaur with feathers! Not all scientists accepted the concept of birds being phylogenetically nested within the Dinosauria, others are now focusing on the evolution of feathers and avian flight. "Feathered Dragons" presents 15 new pieces of research, including the first detailed description of Bambiraptor, a remarkable new specimen found in Montana.

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  • Introduction: Dinosaurs Acting Like Birds, and Vice Versa - Robert T. BakkerSection I. The Setting1. The dinosaurian setting of primitive Asian birds - Dale A. Russell
  • 2. End-Cretaceous acid rain as a selective extinction mechanism between birds and dinosaurs - Gregory J. RetallackSection II. Osteology and Ichnology3. New information on Bambiraptor feinbergi (Theropoda: Dromaeosauridae) from the Late Cretaceous of Montana - David Burnham
  • 4. A new dromaeosaurid from the Horseshoe Canyon Formation (Upper Cretaceous) of Alberta, Canada - Philip J. Currie and David J. Varricchio
  • 5. The braincase of Velociraptor - Mark A. Norell, Peter J. Makovicky and James M. Clark
  • 6. A theropod (Dromaeosauridae, Dinosauria) sternal plate from the Dinosaur Park Formation (Campanian, Upper Cretaceous) of Alberta, Canada - Stephen J. Godfrey and Philip J. Currie
  • 7. Avian traits in the ilium of Unenlagia comahuensis (Maniraptora: Avialae) - Fernando E. Novas
  • 8. Bird-like features of dinosaur footprints - Joanna L. WrightSection III. Eggs, Nests, Feathers and Flight9. Dinosaur eggs and nesting: implications for understanding the origin of birds - Gerald Grellet-Tinner and Luis M. Chiappe
  • 10. Two eggs sunny-side up: Reproductive Physiology in the Dinosaur Troodon formosus - David J. Varricchio and Frankie K. Jackson
  • 11. Dinosaur brooding behaviour and the origin of flight feathers - Thomas P. Hopp and Mark J. Orsen
  • 12. Feathered coelurosaurs from China: new light on the arboreal origin of avian flight - Sankar Chatterjee and R. J. Templin
  • 13. The plumage of Archaeopteryx - feathers of a dinosaur? - Peter Wellnhofer
  • 14. Dinosaur Crime-Scene Investigations: Theropod Behavior at Como Bluff, Wyoming, and the Evolution of Bird-ness - Robert T. Bakker

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書名 Feathered dragons : studies on the transition from dinosaurs to birds
著作者等 Currie, Philip J
Shugar, Martin A.
Koppelhus, Eva B.
シリーズ名 Life of the past
出版元 Indiana University Press
刊行年月 c2004
ページ数 xiii, 361 p.
大きさ 26 cm
ISBN 0253343739
NCID BA67275155
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言語 英語
出版国 アメリカ合衆国