The future of child protection : how to break the cycle of abuse and neglect

Jane Waldfogel

Cases of child abuse and neglect reported in the media have led to a crisis of confidence in the current child protective services (CPS) systems in the USA, and to frequent calls for reform. Jane Waldfogel agrees that the public has a right to be concerned, but many perceptions of the CPS system and the problems it is designed to alleviate are inaccurate. This text goes beyond the headlines, using historical, comparitive, and specific case data to formulate a new approach to protecting children. Currently, Waldfogel argues, the CPS system is overwhelmed by referrals. As a result, neither high-risk nor low-risk families are adequatly served. She examines the underlying assumptions of CPS, compares the US record with those of Britain, Canada and Australia, and offers a "new paradigm" in which CPS joins with other public and private partners to provide a differential response to the broad range of children in need of protection. She highlights the reforms under way in several American states and in Britain.

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  • 1. Child Abuse and Neglect Today The Role of Child Protective Services The Demographics of Children in Need of Protection Consequences of Reporting 2. A Comparative Perspective Operation of Child Protective Services Sample Data Criteria for Reporting Procedures after Reporting Differences in Outcome by Type of Reporter Outcomes Why Are U.S. Reporting Rates So High? 3. The Current Child Protective Services System Scope A Brief History of CPS Underlying Assumptions A Critical View of the System Implications for a New Paradigm 4. Entry into the System History of the Reporting Laws The Reporting, Screening, and Investigation System Reforming the Intake System Contents 5. Narrowing as a Strategy to Improve Child Protection The Case for Narrowing What Would "Narrowing" Mean? Evaluating the Case for Narrowing How "Narrowing Plus" Might Be Accomplished Unresolved Issues 6. Differential Response: A New Paradigm for Child Protective Services Paradigms for Child Protective Services The Diversity and Complexity of Families Referred to CPS Features of the Differential Response Paradigm Moving to Differential Response 7. Working Together: Child Protection Reform in Britain The Development of the British CPS System The Impetus for Reform The Children Act of 1989 Beyond the Children Act 8. Changing Frontline Practice Implications of the New Paradigm Lessons from Earlier Initiatives to Change Frontline Practice How States and Localities Can Help 9. Reforming Child Protection The Current Child Protective Services System A New Paradigm for Child Protection Moving toward a More Fully Differentiated System Improving the Effectiveness of the CPS System's Response Increasing the Role of Community Partners in Child Protection The Endpoint of the Reforms Notes Index

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書名 The future of child protection : how to break the cycle of abuse and neglect
著作者等 Waldfogel, Jane
出版元 Harvard University Press
刊行年月 2001, c1998
ページ数 viii, 285 p.
大きさ 24 cm
ISBN 0674007239
NCID BA55644323
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言語 英語
出版国 アメリカ合衆国