Ships and men in the late Viking Age : the vocabulary of runic inscriptions and skaldic verse

Judith Jesch

"English Historical Review": A timely and impressive work, which will be indispensable to all students of Viking Age history and literature. - E. Christiansen. The Vikings were the master mariners and ship-builders of the middle ages: their success depended on these skills. Spectacular archaeological finds of whole or partial ships, from burial mounds or dredged from harbours, continue to give new and exciting evidence of their practical craftsmanship and urge to seek new shores. The nautical vocabulary of the Viking Age, however, has been surprisingly neglected - the last comprehensive study was published in 1912 and was heavily dependent on post-Viking Age sources. Far better contemporary sources from the later Viking Age are available to document the activities of men and their uses of ships from c.950-1100, and Judith Jesch undertakes in this book the first systematic and comparative study of such evidence. The core is a critical survey of the vocabulary of ships and their crews, of fleets and sailing and battles at sea, based on runic inscriptions and skaldic evidence from c.950-1100. This nautical vocabulary is studied within the larger context of 'viking' activity in this period: what that activity was and where it took place, its social and military aspects, and its impact on developments in the nature of kingship in Scandinavia. Judith Jesch is Reader in Viking Studies at the University of Nottingham, and author of "Women in the Viking Age".

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  • List of figures Acknowledgements Abbreviations Chapter One - Introduction: Rocks and Rhymes The Karlevi stone Runic inscriptions, skaldic verse and the late Viking Age Literacy and orality The runic corpus The skaldic corpus Verse in prose contexts Reconstructing viking verse The manuscript transmission Viking verse as a historical source Semantic study of skaldic verse and runic inscriptions Skaldic vocabulary in context Runes and semantics Comparative angles Sources and conventions Ships and men in the late Viking Age Chapter Two - Viking Activities Vikings vikingr viking Death and war 'He died' Battles and raids The fall of warriors Trade Pilgrimage Chapter Three - Viking Destinations 'East and west' The western route 'West' England Britain and Ireland Further west The European continent and further south Saxony and Frisia Brittany and points south Normandy and southern Italy Africa The eastern route 'East' The Baltic area Russia Byzantium and Jerusalem Ingvarr's expedition Serkland Scandinavia Hedeby Denmark to Sweden Two more towns Chapter Four - Ships and Sailing Words for 'ship' skip skeio snekkja dreki knorr Oak and pine Miscellaneous words Summary Names of ships The ship and its parts The hull The stems Inside the hull Rudders, oars and shields Masts, sails and rigging In harbour and on land The vocabulary of sailing Description and metaphor Preparing and launching The ship in the sea Shipwreck and landing Chapter Five - The Crew, the Fleet and Battles at Sea Manning a ship The owner The captain The crew The fleet and the troop lio Compounds with -lio floti leioangr The troop Units of the fleet Summary Battles at sea Maritime warfare Place and time Preliminaries to battle Bringing the ships together Attack and defence Victory and booty Not like leeks and ale Chapter Six - Group and Ethos in War and Trade The group and its vocabulary drengr felagi heimpegi huskarl gildi The ideology of battle 'He fled not' 'He fed eagles, ravens and wolves' The symbolism of battle: ravens and banners Murder and betrayal Kinds of killing Treachery Loyalty Treachery and politics Chapter Seven - Epilogue: Kings and Ships From vikings to kings Royal and other ships in the eleventh century After the Viking Age Conclusion Works Cited Appendix I - The Runic Corpus Appendix II - The Skaldic Corpus Index of Words and Names General Index

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書名 Ships and men in the late Viking Age : the vocabulary of runic inscriptions and skaldic verse
著作者等 Jesch, Judith
出版元 Boydell Press
刊行年月 2001
ページ数 xiv, 330 p.
大きさ 25 cm
ISBN 0851158269
NCID BA5406337X
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言語 英語
出版国 イギリス