Psychiatry, psychoimmunology, and viruses

N. Müller [ed.]

The contributions in this book deal with basic research in psychoneuroimmunology, dysfunctions of the immune system in psychiatric disorders and the possible role of viruses in psychoneuroimmunological processes. Growing knowledge about the reciprocal relationship between psychic processes and the immune system implicates more interest of clinical psychiatrists in this field because immunological dysfunction is found in depression and schizophrenia, but also in other psychiatric syndromes like anxiety disorders. The authors of the chapters, all active researchers in the field, describe the results of their scientific work and the actual state of the art. The interdisciplinary character of this book is outlined by the broad international and disciplinary range of the authors which represent a spectrum from basic scientists like pharmacologists and immunologists up to clinical psychiatrists and neurologists. New findings regarding the role of the immune system in sleep and in headache are discussed. Special emphasis is laid on methodological pitfalls in immunological studies of psychiatric disorders. Perspectives for future therapeutical strategies are outlined.

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  • Viruses and the immune system in psychiatric disorders: Immunogenetic aspects of viral or other environmental factors in schizophrenia (R. Wank)
  • The use of substraction libraries for the identification of RNA species upregulated in the brains of individuals with schizophrenia (R. H. Yolken, N. Johnstone, F. Leister, E. F. Torrey, Stanley Neuropathology Consortium)
  • Cerebrospinal fluid filtration in a case of schizophrenia related to 'subclinical" Borna disease virus encephalitis (K. Bechter, S. Herzog, V. Schreiner, K.-H. Wollinsky, R. Schuttler), Borna disease virus in patients with psychiatric disorders or fibromyalgia - demonstration of antibodies is highly dependent on the detection method (Ar. Batra, A. Batra, K. Schott, L. Stitz).- Serotonergic system, depression, and immune System: Interaction of the serotonergic and the immune systems: 5HT-Moduline (B. Grimaldi, C. Sibella-Arguelles, A. Bonnin, M. P. Fillion, O. Massot, J. C. Rousselle, N. Prudhomme, G. Fillion), The inflammatory response system activation model of major depression (M. Maes).- Schizophrenia and the immune system: Methodological concerns in the study of the immune system in schizophrenia (D. P. van Kammen, C. G. McAllister-Sistilli, M. E. Kelley, J. A. Gurklis, J. K. Yao)
  • Psychoimmunological alterations in schizophrenia: how do confounding variables influence the findings? (M. Rothermund, V. Arolt, M. Peters, H. Kirchner)
  • On the myth of antibrain antibodies in schizophrenia - a critical overview (K. Schott, A. Batra, E. Richartz, M. Sarkar, M. Bartels, G. Buchkremer)
  • Schizophrenia: the teratogenic antibody hypothesis (P. Wright, P. Laing, P. T. Donaldson, R. M. Murray)
  • A preliminary analysis investigating immune activation in schizophrenia (M. H. Rapaport, M. P. Caliguiri, J. B. Lohr, D. Dolnak, S. Chavez, C. Kulesh, T. Hahn)
  • Measurement of neopterin, kynurenine and tryptophan in sera of schizophrenic patients (B. Sperner-Unterweger, C. Miller, B. Holzner, B. Widner, W.W. Fleischhacker, D. Fuchs)
  • Levels of soluble adhesion molecules in schizophrenia: relation to psychopathology (M. J. Schwarz, M. Riedel, M. Ackenheil, N. Muller).- Sleep, anxiety, headache, and immunity: The role of interferon-alpha in the regulation of sleep (J. Born, E. Spath-Schwalbe)
  • Immunological alterations in patients suffering from bulimia nervosa (DSM-IV 307.51) vs anxiety disorders (DSM-IV 300.01, 300.21, 309.81, 300.02) (G. Wieselmann, G. Herzog, M. Schonauer-Ceipek, U. Demel, K. Penkner, G. Tilz, H. G. Zapotoczky)
  • T cell subsets and expression of integrins in peripheral blood of patients with migraine and chronic tension type headache (M. Empl, P. Sostak, M. Breckner, M. Riedel, N. Muller, R. Gruber, S. Forderreuther, A. Straube)

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書名 Psychiatry, psychoimmunology, and viruses
著作者等 Muller Norbert
Müller N.
シリーズ名 Key topics in brain research
出版元 Springer
刊行年月 1999
版表示 Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1999
ページ数 viii, 156 p.
大きさ 23 cm
ISBN 3211832491
ISSN 09341420
NCID BA47019764
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言語 英語
出版国 ドイツ