The transplantation and replacement of thoracic organs : the present status of biological and mechanical replacement of the heart and lungs

Edited by Cooper, D. K. C.; Edited by Miller, L.W.; Edited by Patterson, G.Alexander

The second edition of this volume reflects the major developments that have taken place in the field of thoracic organ transplantation and replacement since the first edition was published in 1990. With the exception of the 'historical' chapters, every chapter has been extensively rewritten and updated and many new chapters have been added. The rapid growth of single and bilateral lung transplantation and the increasing use of left ventricular assist devices for long-term support are reflected in the text. Considerable emphasis has been placed on the current experimental and clinical developments taking place in both transplantation and mechanical replacement of organs, thus providing a preview of the clinical advances that are anticipated within the next few years.The volume contains 90 chapters that are grouped into four main areas: general considerations of thoracic organ transplantation, heart transplantation, lung and heart-lung transplantation, and current and future advances in thoracic organ replacement. The editors, who bring a wealth of expertise and experience, have blended together superb contributions by 130 authors who include many of the world's experts in their fields. This volume provides by far the most comprehensive review of this subject that has been published to date. For those entering this field of medicine, it will provide a sound and extensive basis of information; for those already experienced, it will prove an invaluable source of reference and update for many years to come.This volume 'provides an invaluable and unparalleled source of information for those concerned with heart and lung medicine or surgery, and is essential reading for all who wish to keep abreast of the developments in this field'. (From the Preface to the Second Edition by Christiaan N. Barnard).

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  • Foreword
  • C. Barnard. Preface. Contributing Authors. Acknowledgements: Personal, Journals. 1: General Considerations of Thoracic Organ Transplantation. 1. The concept and diagnosis of brain death
  • E.G. Warner. 2. Medico-legal aspects
  • S.S. Sanbar. 3. Donor organ availability and transplant coordination
  • J.S. Chaffin, L. Mischke. 4. Selection and management of the donor
  • D.K.C. Cooper, I.L. Paradis. 5. Selection and evaluation of the potential thoracic organ transplant recipient general considerations
  • D.K.C. Cooper, et al. 6. Pretransplant immunological considerations
  • E.D. du Toit, et al. 7. Immunobiology of allograft destruction
  • M.H. Sayegh, D.R. Saloman. 8. Maintenance immunosuppressive drug therapy and potential major complications
  • K.L. Tyndall, D.K.C. Cooper. 9. Trends in immunosuppressive therapy with regard to cytolytic induction therapy and corticosteroid withdrawal
  • J.A. Kobashigawa. 10. Tacrolimus (FK506) in thoracic organ transplantation
  • J.S. Gammie, S.M. Pham. 11. Infection in patients undergoing thoracic organ transplantation: epidemiology, pathogenesis, and clinical management
  • S.J. Thaler, R.H. Rubin. 12. Malignant neoplasia in the immunocompromised patient
  • I. Penn. 13. Long-term management and late complications of the thoracic organ transplant recipient
  • D.P. Nelson, et al. 14. Psychiatric aspects
  • E.S. Nash, D.K.C. Cooper. 15. Medico-social aspects
  • W.D. Paris, et al. 16. Nutrition and diet
  • M. Kanoski. 17. A commentary on the quality of life after thoracic organ transplantation
  • M.M. Edgar. 2: Heart Transplantation. 18. Experimental development and early clinical experience
  • D.K.C. Cooper. 19. Selection and management of the potential candidate for cardiac transplantation
  • L.W. Stevenson. 20. The problem of pulmonary hypertension in the potential cardiac transplant recipient
  • J.M. Chen, R.E. Michler. 21. Mechanical circulatory support before heart transplantation
  • J.S. Sapirstein, W.E. Pae Jr. 22. Anaesthetic management, including cardiopulmonary bypass
  • J.V. Booth, et al. 23. Current techniques of myocardial protection for cardiac transplantation
  • S.Aziz, A.L. Panos. 24. Surgical technique of orthotopic heart transplantation. 1: Standard approach
  • D.K.C. Cooper. 25. Surgical technique of orthotopic heart transplantation. 2: Bicaval 'total' approach
  • G. Dreyfus. 26. Immediate postoperative care and potential complications
  • D.K.C. Cooper, N.M. Lidsky. 27. Physiology and pharmacology of the transplanted heart
  • J.B. Young. 28. Pathology of cardiac allograft rejection. 1: Vascular (microvascular)
  • E.H. Hammond. 29.Pathology of cardiac allograft rejection. 2: Acute cellular
  • A.G. Rose. 30. Clinical diagnosis of acute rejection
  • M.R. Costanzo. 31. Treatment of cardiac allograft rejection
  • L.W. Miller. 32. Infection in relation to thoracic transplantation
  • K. Love. 33. Pathology of cardiac allograft vasculopathy (chronic rejection)
  • A.G. Rose. 34. Pathogenesis of cardiac allograft vasculopathy (

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書名 The transplantation and replacement of thoracic organs : the present status of biological and mechanical replacement of the heart and lungs
著作者等 Cooper, D. K. C.
Miller, Leslie W.
Patterson, G. Alexander
Miller L.W.
Cooper D. K. C.
出版元 Kluwer Academic Publishers
刊行年月 c1996
版表示 2nd ed. / edited by David K.C. Cooper, Leslie W. Miller, G. Alexander Patterson ; with a foreword by Christiaan Barnard
ページ数 xx, 824 p.
大きさ H277 x W210
ISBN 0792388984
NCID BA29820790
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言語 英語
出版国 オランダ