Runes and runic inscriptions : collected essays on Anglo-Saxon and Viking runes

R.I. Page

This volume of 23 essays on the subject of runes, ranges from detailed discussion of the forms of particular runes in the runic alphabet and the interpretations of individual inscriptions (the Rothwell Cross and the Franks casket), to the wider matters on which runes throw light, such as magic, paganism, literacy and linguistic change. The articles, arranged chronologically, examine the question of runes from a variety of standpoints, but focus primarily on the use and development of the script among the Anglo-Saxons, and explore the history of scholarship in this field. The essays also include studies of Scandinavian inscriptions in England and on the Isle of Man.

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  • Quondam et futurus (1994)
  • Northumbrian "aefter" (in memory of) + accusative (1958)
  • an early drawing of the Ruthwell Cross (1959)
  • language and dating in Old English inscriptions (1959)
  • the Bewcastle Cross (1960)
  • the Old English rune "ear" (1961)
  • a note on the transliteration of Old English runic inscriptions (1962)
  • the use of double runes in Old English inscriptions (1962)
  • Anglo-Saxon runes and magic (1964)
  • Ralph Thoresby's runic coins (1965)
  • the Old English rune "eoh, ih" (Yew Tree) (1968)
  • the runic solidus of Schweindorf, Ostfriesland, and related runic solidi (1968)
  • runes and non-runes (1969)
  • how long did the Scandinavian language survive in England? - the epigraphical evidence (1971)
  • Anglo-Saxon texts in early modern transcripts - 1 The Anglo-Saxon runic poem (1973)
  • some thoughts on Manx runes (1980)
  • the Manx rune-stones (1983)
  • on the transliteration of English runes (1984)
  • new runic finds in England (1987)
  • a 16th-century runic manuscript (1987)
  • runeukyndige risteres skriblerier - the English evidence (1989)
  • Roman and runic on St Cuthbert's coffin (1989)
  • dating Old English inscriptions - the limits of inference (1990).

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書名 Runes and runic inscriptions : collected essays on Anglo-Saxon and Viking runes
著作者等 Page, R. I.
Berkhout Carl T. (University of Arizona Tucson USA)
Parsons David
Page R. I.
出版元 Boydell Press
刊行年月 1995
ページ数 xiii, 346 p.
大きさ 25 cm
ISBN 0851153879
NCID BA26031353
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言語 英語
出版国 イギリス