The Proceedings of the Twelfth West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics

edited by Erin Duncan, Donka Farkas, and Philip Spaelti

This volume presents the proceedings of the twelfth West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Two features have been added to this volume. The papers are grouped by subfields into the areas of honology/morphology, syntax, and semantics, and two indexes, an author index and a subject index, have been added in the hope of increasing the usefulness of the volume.

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  • Preface
  • Part I. Phonology/Morphology: 1. Major class alternations Young-mee Yu Cho and Sharon Inkelas
  • 2. On defining complex templates Rene Kager
  • 3. Sandhi and syllables in classical Sanskrit Brett Kessler
  • 4. Catalexis in word stress: evidence from Spanish and Dutch Dominique Nouveau
  • 5. Mobile affixes in Huave: optimality and morphological wellformedness Rolf Noyer
  • 6. Multiple exponence and Morphosyntactic redundancy David A. Peterson
  • 7. Palatalization, underspecification, and Plane conflation in Chaha Sharon Rose
  • 8. The Prosodic constituency of minor syllables Patricia A. Shaw
  • 9. Combinatorial specification of a Consonantal system Cari Spring
  • Dual aspects of weight: evidence from Korean partial reduplication Chang-Kook Suh
  • 10. Merging in American Sign Language compounds Linda Uyechi
  • 11. Ghost aegments and optimality Cheryl Zoll
  • Part II. Syntax: 12. Negative voncord in Spanish and in-situ licensing Raul Aranovich
  • 13. Case and predicate raising Marcel den Dikken and Alma Naess
  • 14. A residual A-Bar position in Spanish Josep M. Fontana
  • 15. X0 and Xmax clitics Aaron Halpern and Josep M. Fontana
  • 16. Anti-reconstruction and referentiality Caroline Heycock
  • 17. Adjunct extraction Thomas E. Hukari and Robert D. Levine
  • 18. Pro-hibitions on reference Sabine Iatridou and David Embick
  • 19. Checking theory, syntactic feature geometry, and the structure of IP Richard D. Janda
  • 20. Infl and agreement in Turkish subordinate clauses Murat Kural, binding theory and the principle of referential autonomy Hyunoo Lee
  • 21. Antipassive with French Psych-verbs Geraldine Legendre
  • 22. Reflexives, reflexive passives, and generalized chains John Moore
  • 23. An economy account of Wh-Extraction in Tagalog Masanori Nakamura
  • 24. Head-Binding Norvin Richards
  • 25. The structural location of the attributive adjective Peter Svenonius
  • 26. On the blocking effect of floating quantifiers in French Christine Tellier and Daniel Valois
  • Part III. Semantics: 27. Referentiality, specificity, strength, and individual concepts Barbara Abbott
  • 28. Unselective determiners Chris Barker
  • 29. When do subjects and objects exhibit a branching reading? Filippo Beghelli, Dorit Ben-Shalom and Anna Szabolcsi
  • 30. Focus and NP quantification Elena Herburger
  • 31. Non-nominative subjects and constraints on Modal interpretation in Sinhala Michael Inman
  • 32. The interpretation of as-headed adjuncts Graham Katz
  • 33. Adjunct predicates and the individual/stage distinction Louise McNally
  • 34. Events, objects and eventual objects Steven Moore
  • 35. The independence of external arguments Elizabeth Ritter and Sara Thomas Rosen
  • Subject Index
  • Language Index.

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書名 The Proceedings of the Twelfth West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics
著作者等 Duncan, Erin
Farkas, Donka
Spaelti, Philip
Stanford Linguistics Association
Stanford University. Center for the Study of Language and Information
West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics
Farkas Donka (University of California Santa Cruz)
Spaelti Philip (University of California Santa Cruz)
書名別名 WCCFL, 12
出版元 Published for the Stanford Linguistics Association by the Center for the Study of Lanhuage and Information
刊行年月 c1994
ページ数 ix, 618 p.
大きさ 23 cm
ISBN 188152633X
ISSN 10421068
NCID BA25033830
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言語 英語
出版国 アメリカ合衆国