Being Maasai : ethnicity & identity in East Africa

edited by Thomas Spear & Richard Waller

Many of the people who identify themselves as Maasai, or who speak the Maa language, are not pastoralist at all, but framers and hunters. Over time many people have 'become' something else, adn what it means to be Maasai has changed radically over the past several centuries and is still changing today. This collection by historians, archaeologists, anthropologists and linguists examines how Maasai identity has been created, evoked, contested and transformed. North America: Ohio U Press; Tanzania: Mkuki na Nyota; Kenya: EAEP

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  • PART I - Introduction by T. Spear - PART II: BECOMING MAAS AI - Dialects, Sectiolects, or Simply Lects?: The Maa Lang uage in Time Perspective by G. Sommer & R. Vossen - Be coming Maasailand by J.E.G. Sutton - Maasia Expansion and the New East African Pastoralism by J.G. Galaty - Aspects of 'Becoming Turkana': Interactions and Assimilation Betw een Maa- and Ateker-Speakers by J. Lamphear - Defeat & Dispersal: The Laikipiak and their Neighbours at the End of the Nineteenth Century by N. Sobania - Being 'Maasai', but not 'People of Cattle': Arusha Agricultural Maasai in the Nineteenth Century by T. Spear - PART III - BEING MAAS AI - Becoming Maasai, Being in Time by P. Spencer - The Wo rld of Telelia: Reflections of a Maasai Woman in Mataparo by T. Chieni & P. Spencer - 'The Eye' that Wants a Per son, Where Can It Not See?': Inclusion, Exclusion, and a B oundary in Maasai Identity by J.G. Galaty - Aesthetics, E xpertise, and Ethnicity: Okiek and Maasai Perspectives on Personal Ornament by D. Klumpp & C. Kratz - PART IV: C ONTESTATIONS & REDEFINITIONS - Acceptees and Aliens: K ikuyu Settlement in Maasailand by R. Waller - Land as Ours e, Land as Mine: Economic, Political and Ecological Margin alization in Kajiando District by D.J. Campbell - Maa-Spea kers of the Northern Desert: Recent Developments in Ariaal and Rendille Identity by E. Fratkin - PART V - CONCLUSION S by Richard Waller - Bibliography - Index

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書名 Being Maasai : ethnicity & identity in East Africa
著作者等 Spear, Thomas T.
Waller, Richard
Waller Richard
Spear Thomas
シリーズ名 Eastern African studies
出版元 J. Currey;Mkuki na Nyota;EAEP;Ohio University Press
刊行年月 1993
ページ数 xi, 322 p.
大きさ 22 cm
ISBN 0821410296
NCID BA2008071X
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言語 英語
出版国 イギリス