Pascal user manual and report : ISO Pascal standard

Kathleen Jensen, Niklaus Wirth ; [illustrations by William W. Porter]

This new edition of the definitive Pascal reference updates the text with the most recent revisions of the ISO Pascal standard, performed by Working Group 2 of the ISO community, since the standard was formally ap- proved in 1983. This reversion of the ISO standard resolved differences between it and the American (ANSI) standard, and these as well as other changes are subsequently reflected in this new edition. It should be noted that in 1984 the third edition of this book was modified with respect to the standard while retaining the readability and elegance which originally set it apart from the standard. This book consists of two parts: The User Manual, and the Revised Report. The User Manual is directed to those who have some familiarity with computer programming, and who wish to get acquainted with the language Pascal. The style of the User Manual is that of a tutorial, and many examples are included to demonstrate the various features of Pascal. Summarizing tables and syntax specifications are among the Appendices. The Report serves as the ultimate, concise reference for both programmers and implementors. It describes Standard Pascal which constitutes a common base between various implementations of the language.

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  • User Manual (Pascal Tutorial).- 0 Introduction.- 0.A. An Overview of Pascal Programs.- 0.B. Syntax Diagrams.- 0.C. EBNF.- 0.D. Scope.- 0.E. Miscellaneous.- 1 Notation: Symbols and Separators.- 1.A. Separators.- 1.B. Special Symbols and Word Symbols.- 1.C. Identifiers.- 1.D. Numbers.- 1.E. Character Strings.- 1.F. Labels.- 1.G. Directives.- 2 The Concept of Data: Simple Data Types.- 2.A. Ordinal Data Types.- 2.B. The Type Boolean.- 2.C. The Type Integer.- 2.D. The Type Char.- 2.E. The Type Real.- 3 The Program Heading and the Declaration Part.- 3.A. Program Heading.- 3.B. Label Declaration Part.- 3.C. Constant Definition Part.- 3.D. Type Definition Part.- 3.E. Variable Declaration Part.- 3.F. Procedure and Function Declaration Part.- 3.G. Scope of Identifiers and Labels.- 4 The Concept of Action.- 4.A. The Assignment Statement and Expressions.- 4.B. The Procedure Statement.- 4.C. The Compound Statement and the Empty Statement.- 4.D. Repetitive Statements.- 4.D.1 The While Statement.- 4.D.2 The Repeat Statement.- 4.D.3 The For Statement.- 4.E Conditional Statements.- 4.E.1 The If Statement.- 4.E.2 The Case Statement.- 4.F. The With Statement.- 4.G. The Goto Statement.- 5 Enumerated and Subrange Types.- 5.A. Enumerated Types.- 5.B. Subrange Types.- 6 Structured Types in General - Array Types in Particular.- 6.A. The Array Type.- 6.B. String Types.- 6.C. Pack and Unpack.- 7 Record Types.- 7.A. Fixed Records.- 7.B. Variant Records.- 7.C. The With Statement.- 8 Set Types.- 8.A. Set Constructors.- 8.B. Set Operations.- 8.C. On Program Development.- 9 File Types.- 9.A. The File Structure.- 9.B. Textfiles.- 10 Pointer Types.- 10.A. Pointer Variables and Identified (Dynamic) Variables.- 10.B. New and Dispose.- 11 Procedures and Functions.- 11.A. Procedures.- 11.A.1 Parameter Lists.- 11.A.2 Conformant-Array Parameters.- 11.A.3 Recursive Procedures.- 11.A.4 Procedural Parameters.- 11.B. Functions.- 11.B.1 Functional Parameters.- 11.B.2 Side Effects.- 11.C. Forward Declarations.- 12 Textfile Input and Output.- 12.A. The Predeclared Files Input and Output.- 12.B. The Procedures Read and Readln.- 12.C. The Procedures Write and Writeln.- 12.D. The Procedure Page.- Report (Pascal Reference).- 1. Introduction.- 2. Summary of the Language.- 3. Notation and Terminology.- 4. Symbols and Symbol Separators.- 5. Constants.- 6. Types.- 6.1 Simple Types.- 6.1.1 Enumerated Types.- 6.1.2 Predefined Simple Types.- 6.1.3 Subrange Types.- 6.2 Structured Types.- 6.2.1 Array Types.- 6.2.2 Record Types.- 6.2.3 Set Types.- 6.2.4 File Types.- 6.3 Pointer Types.- 6.4 Example of Type Definition Part.- 6.5 Type Compatibility.- 7. Variables.- 7.1 Entire Variables.- 7.2 Component Variables.- 7.2.1 Indexed Variables.- 7.2.2 Field Designators.- 7.3 Identified Variables.- 7.4 Buffer Variables.- 8. Expressions.- 8.1 Operands.- 8.2 Operators.- 8.2.1. Arithmetic Operators.- 8.2.2. Boolean Operators.- 8.2.3. Set Operators.- 8.2.4. Relational Operators.- 9. Statements.- 9.1 Simple Statements.- 9.1.1 Assignment Statements.- 9.1.2 Procedure Statements.- 9.1.3 Goto Statements.- 9.2 Structured Statements.- 9.2.1 Compound Statements.- 9.2.2 Conditional Statements.- 9.2.3 Repetitive Statements.- 9.2.4 With Statements.- 10. Blocks, Scope, and Activations.- 10.1 Blocks.- 10.2 Scope.- 10.3 Activations.- 11. Procedures and Functions.- 11.1 Procedure Declarations.- 11.2 Function Declarations.- 11.3 Parameters.- 11.3.1 Formal Parameter Lists.- 11.3.2 Actual Parameter Lists.- 11.3.3 Parameter-List Congruity.- 11.3.4 Conformability and Conformant Types.- 11.4 Predeclared Procedures.- 11.4.1 File Handling Procedures.- 11.4.2 Dynamic Allocation Procedures.- 11.4.3 Data Transfer Procedures.- 11.5 Predeclared Functions.- 11.5.1 Arithmetic Functions.- 11.5.2 Boolean Functions.- 11.5.3 Transfer Functions.- 11.5.4 Ordinal Functions.- 12. Textfile Input and Output.- 12.1 Read.- 12.1.1 Char Read.- 12.1.2 Integer Read.- 12.1.3 Real Read.- 12.2 Readln.- 12.3 Write.- 12.3.1 Char Write.- 12.3.2 Integer Write.- 12.3.3 Real Write.- 12.3.4 Boolean Write.- 12.3.5 String Write.- 12.4 Writeln.- 12.5 Page.- 13. Programs.- 14. Compliance with ISO 7185.- References.- Appendix A Predeclared Procedures and Functions.- Appendix B Summary of Operators.- Operator Precedence in Expressions.- Other Operations.- Appendix C Tables.- Table of Standard Identifiers.- Table of Symbols.- Appendix D Syntax.- Collected EBNF: Hierarchical.- Cross Reference of EBNF Indexed To Report.- Collected EBNF: Alphabetical.- Syntax Diagrams.- Appendix E Summary of Changes to Pascal User Manual and Report Necessitated by the ISO 7185 Standard.- Appendix F Programming Examples.- Appendix G ASCII Character Set.- Index to Programs, Program Fragments, and Program Schemata.

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書名 Pascal user manual and report : ISO Pascal standard
著作者等 Jensen, Kathleen
Mickel, Andrew B
Miner, James F
Wirth, Niklaus
出版元 Springer-Verlag
刊行年月 c1991
版表示 4th ed. / revised by Andrew B. Mickel, James F. Miner
ページ数 xvi, 266 p.
大きさ 24 cm
ISBN 3540976493
NCID BA13399380
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言語 英語
出版国 アメリカ合衆国