Relativistic quantum mechanics of leptons and fields

Walter T. Grandy, Jr


  • 1 Nonrelativistic Quantum Mechanics.- A. Review of the Formalism.- Space-Time Symmetries.- The Spinor Representation.- B. Electromagnetic Fields and Spin.- Inclusion of the Spin.- Uniform Magnetic Field.- C. The Two-Body Problem.- D. A Preliminary Next Step.- Problems.- References.- 2 The Dirac Equation.- A. Spacetime Structure and Lorentz Transformations.- The Homogeneous Lorentz Group.- Spinors Revisited.- B. Dirac's Way.- Properties of the Dirac Matrices.- Relativistic Covariance.- Free-Particle Solutions.- Negative-Energy States.- Observables and Wavepackets.- C. Zitterbewegung.- Problems.- References.- 3 Electromagnetic Coupling.- A. External Electromagnetic Fields.- Nonrelativistic Limit.- Central Fields.- The Coulomb Field.- Continuous Spectrum.- Strong Fields.- Electromagnetic Structure.- B. Discrete Symmetries.- Space Reflection (Parity).- Time Reversal.- Charge Conjugation.- Symmetry Breaking.- Problems.- References.- 4 Neutral Fermions and Bosons.- A. Neutral Fermions.- Massless Particles.- B. Theory of the Neutrino.- The Weyl Theory.- The Four-Component Neutrino.- Lepton Families.- C. Boson Wave Equations.- Spin-0 Bosons.- Spin-1 Bosons.- The Photon.- Problems.- References.- 5 Further Electromagnetic Interactions.- A. Electromagnetic Plane Waves.- B. Uniform Static Magnetic Field.- The Heisenberg Equations and Spin.- Stationary States.- Inclusion of the Anomalous Moment.- C. Other External-Field Problems.- Linear Potentials.- Crossed Electric and Magnetic Fields.- Summary of Further Results.- D. Quasi-Static Particle-Particle Interactions.- Anomalous Moment in a Coulomb Field.- Charged Magnetic Dipole Field.- The General Eigenvalue Problem.- Relativistic Wave Equations.- Problems.- References.- 6 Lagrangian Formulation and Green Functions.- A. Lagrangian Field Theory.- The Electromagnetic Field.- B. Boson Fields.- Electromagnetic Field.- C. Propagator Theory.- The Relativistic Propagator.- D. Coulomb Green Functions.- Summary.- Free-Particle Reduction.- Problems.- References.- Chapter7 Quantum Theory of Radiation.- A. Quantum Field Theory.- Quantum Electrodynamical Results-A Survey.- Critique.- B. Maxwell-Dirac Field Theory.- Free Fields.- Interacting Fields.- Critique.- Problems.- References.- Chapter8 The Two-Body Problem.- A. Equations of Motion.- Self-Energy and Radiative Effects.- Relative and Center-of-Mass Motions.- Angular-Radial Separation.- Radial Equations.- B. Analysis of the Radial Equations.- Perturbation Theory.- C. Applications.- Hydrogen.- Muonium.- Positronium.- The Annihilation Contribution.- Problems.- References.- Chapter9 Dirac Scattering Theory.- A. Nonrelativistic Review.- The Two-Body Problem.- Spherical Symmetry.- B. Two-Component Pauli Theory.- Spin-1/2-Spin-0.- Spin-1/2-Spin-1/2.- Particle Beams.- Helicity Formulation.- C. Relativistic Scattering.- Coulomb Scattering of Electrons.- Polarization of Dirac Particles.- D. Covariant Scattering Formalism.- Spin-1/2-Spin-0.- Spin-1/2-Spin-1/2.- Problems.- References.- Chapter10 Quantum Electrodynamics.- Electromagnetic Field.- Dirac Field.- A. Schwinger's Synthesis.- B. Selected Applications.- Uniform Magnetic Field.- Synchrotron Radiation.- Coulomb Field.- Vacuum Polarization.- Problems.- References.- Classical Theory of the Electron.

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書名 Relativistic quantum mechanics of leptons and fields
著作者等 Grandy, Walter T.
Grandy Jr. W. T.
シリーズ名 Fundamental theories of physics
出版元 Kluwer Academic Publishers
刊行年月 c1991
ページ数 xii, 438 p.
大きさ 25 cm
ISBN 0792310497
NCID BA11655118
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言語 英語
出版国 オランダ