MORKMON : a quarterly model of the Netherlands economy for macro-economic policy analysis : with a foreword of the president of the bank  pbk.

Edited by Fase, M.M.G.; Edited by Tvrdy, M.; Edited by etc.


  • 1 Introductory remarks.- 1.1 Prolegomena.- 1.2 Organization.- 2 The relationships in the monetary sector.- 2.1 Balance sheets.- 2.1.1 Private sector.- 2.1.2 Money-creating institutions.- 2.1.3 Central bank.- 2.1.4 Government.- 2.1.5 Rest of the world.- 2.2 Balance sheet constraints.- 2.3 The monetary model in outline.- 2.4 The behavioural equations for the monetary sector.- 2.4.1 Demand for financial assets.- Portfolio behaviour model.- Empirical elaboration for financial assets.- Empirical elaboration for the money stock.- 2.4.2 Lending.- 2.4.3 External capital transactions.- 2.4.4 Long and short-term interest rates.- 2.4.5 Foreign exchange market.- 2.5 Residual items.- Annex.- 3 The relationships in the real economic sector.- 3.1 Income and expenditure.- 3.2 The real economic model in outline.- 3.3 The behavioural equations of the real economic sector.- 3.3.1 Domestic expenditure.- 3.3.2 Goods trade with the rest of the world.- 3.3.3 Labour market and wage determination.- Demand for labour.- Supply of labour.- Wage determination.- 3.3.4 Output.- 3.3.5 Price determination.- 3.3.6 Income distribution and the public sector.- 3.4 Comparison of elasticities for external trade.- 4 The links between the monetary and the real economic sector.- 5 The integrated model and its descriptive power.- 5.1 The ex post operation of the model.- 5.2 The operation of the model viewed graphically.- 6 The model as a tool for policy analysis.- 6.1 Introduction.- 6.2 Uncertainty variants.- 6.2.1 Additional growth of world trade.- 6.2.2 Depreciation of the dollar.- 6.2.3 Increase in foreign interest rates.- 6.3 Some policy variants.- 6.3.1 Increase in the domestic discount rate.- 6.3.2 Limitation of net money-creating operations.- 6.3.3 Shift in social insurance contributions from employers to employees.- 6.4 Sensitivity variants.- 6.5 Short and medium term.- 7 Concluding remarks.- 7.1 Criticisms of models for policy planning.- 7.2 Model building and theoretical innovation.- 7.3 Epilogue.- Appendix I The equations used in the model MORKMON.- Appendix II Explanation of symbols used.- Name Index.

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書名 MORKMON : a quarterly model of the Netherlands economy for macro-economic policy analysis : with a foreword of the president of the bank
著作者等 Fase M.M.G.
Tvrdy M.
Nederlandsche Bank (Amsterdam Netherlands). Afdeling Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek en Econometrie
シリーズ名 Monetary monographs
巻冊次 pbk.
出版元 Nederlandsche Bank;M. Nijhoff Publishers;Distributor for the U.S. and Canada, Kluwer Academic Publishers
刊行年月 1985
ページ数 168 p.
大きさ 25 cm
ISBN 9024731585
NCID BA11447176
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言語 英語
原文言語 オランダ語
出版国 オランダ