Sociobiology : sense or nonsense?

Michael Ruse


  • 1. Introduction.- Notes to Chapter 1.- 2. The Biological Background.- 2.1. Sociobiology as Biology.- 2.2. Principles of Genetics.- 2.3. Population Genetics.- 2.4. Selection as Preserver of the Status Quo.- 2.5. The Level of Selection.- 2.6. The Theory of Evolution.- 2.7. Sociobiology as part of Evolutionary Theory.- Notes to Chapter 2.- 3. The Sociobiology of Animals.- 3.1. Aggression: The Ethological Viewpoint.- 3.2. What is Animal Aggression Really Like?.- 3.3. Evolutionary Stable Strategies.- 3.4. Strengths and Limitations of the Game-theoretic Approach.- 3.5. Sex and Sexual Selection.- 3.6. Parental Investment.- 3.7. Female Reproductive Strategies.- 3.8. Parenthood.- 3.9. Altruism.- 3.10. Kin Selection.- 3.11. Parental Manipulation.- 3.12. Reciprocal Altruism.- Notes to Chapter 3.- 4. Human Sociobiology.- 4.1. Aggression.- 4.2. Sex.- 4.3. Parenthood.- 4.4. Kin Selection.- 4.5. Parental Manipulation.- 4.6. Reciprocal Altruism.- 4.7. A General Model for Human Altruism.- Notes to Chapter 4.- 5. Normative Criticisms.- 5.1. Sociobiology as Reactionary.- 5.2. Does Sociobiology Support Virulent Capitalism?.- 5.3. Why Sahlins' Criticisms About Ideology Fail.- 5.4. Sociobiological Explanations of Homosexuality.- 5.5. Is Sociobiology Sexist? The Minor Charges.- 5.6. Is Sociobiology Sexist? The Major Charge.- Notes to Chapter 5.- 6. Epistemological Criticisms.- 6.1. The Problem of Reification.- 6.2. Sociobiology as Mystical Nonsense.- 6.3. Natural Selection as Social Exploitation.- 6.4. Is Sociobiology Unfalsifiable? General Considerations.- 6.5. Is Sociobiology Unfalsifiable? Particular Considerations.- 6.6. Is Human Sociobiology False? The Rise and Fall of Islam.- 6.7. Is Human Sociobiology False? The Problem of Daughters.- 6.8. Conclusion.- Notes to Chapter 6.- 7. The Positive Evidence.- 7.1. The Direct Evidence: Problems with Testing.- 7.2. Successes and Reservations.- 7.3. The Question of Intelligence.- 7.4. The Causes Behind Intelligence.- 7.5. The Weight of the Direct Evidence for Human Sociobiology.- 7.6. The Argument from Analogy.- 7.7. Human Aggression.- 7.8. The Indirect Evidence for Animal Sociobiology.- 7.9. The Indirect Evidence for Human Sociobiology.- 7.10. The Plausibility of Cultural Causes over Biological Causes.- 7.11. Does Culture Leave a Place for Human Sociobiology?.- 7.12. A Biological-Cultural Compromise.- 7.13. Conclusion.- Notes to Chapter 7.- 8. Sociobiology and the Social Sciences.- 8.1. Theory Change: Replacement and Reduction.- 8.2. The Replacement of Anthropology.- 8.3. Primitive War as Analysed through a Biological-Anthropological Compromise.- 8.4. Biologically Sympathetic Anthropology.- 8.5. The Formal Relationship between a Corrected Anthropology and Biology.- 8.6. Psychology: The Problem of Learning.- 8.7. Psychoanalytic Theory and the Explanation of Homosexuality.- 8.8. Economics.- 8.9. Sociology.- 8.10. Conclusion.- Notes to Chapter 8.- 9. Sociobiology and Ethics.- 9.1. Why are we Ethical?.- 9.2. Evolutionary Ethics.- 9.3. Wilson's Attack on Intuitionism.- 9.4. Wilson's Moral Relativism.- 9.5. Can Evolution be Directed?.- 9.6. Sociobiology and the Direction of Evolution.- 9.7 Conclusion.- Afterword.- Name Index.

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書名 Sociobiology : sense or nonsense?
著作者等 Ruse, Michael
シリーズ名 Episteme
出版元 D. Reidel Pub. Co.;Sold and distributed in the U.S.A. and Canada by Kluwer Boston
刊行年月 1985
版表示 2nd ed
ページ数 xiii, 260 p.
大きさ 23 cm
ISBN 9027717974
NCID BA11247257
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言語 英語
出版国 オランダ